tjed family forum

Mar 22, 2011

tjed family forum

This past weekend, our family had the blessing once again to attend the TJED Family Forum. I think we have attended this event every year since it began and it always proves to be full of inspiration and renewal…the perfect shot in the arm at the end of a dreary winter! I had a very busy day working at the Forum and taking care of endless details to help the Forum go off without a snag, but it was still wonderful to visit with old friends, get lots of ginormous hugs, and be inspired by the little bits and pieces of the classes I was able to attend.

I am pretty swamped this week with loving on Daniel’s family, teaching a H.O.P.E. class, throwing a Mother Blessing for Sarah, teaching Math Alive!, teaching gym, shuttling youth to Shakespeare, and attending Daniel’s funeral on Saturday, so I am just going to copy my mom’s pics of the Family Ball so ya’ll can vicariously enjoy our fun.

Fisher danced with me one time and spent the rest of the time drawing various varieties of fish. Richard danced with me for about thirty seconds (see he is not completely perfect!) and took excellent care of Fisher while I visited with lots of friends. Annesley twirled the night away with anyone who came near her. The big girls all had a wonderful time and looked lovely as can be. I had a wonderful visit with my friend, Lani, and mom took pictures and then went back to the hotel and slept for awhile before we crashed in on her and interrupted her slumber.

Thank you to my mom for helping make this weekend magical. We couldn’t do it without you!

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  1. Anne

    You guys really didn’t wake me up. I barely heard you come in and I heard someone crying for a few minutes. Then I was back in dreamland. It was a fun weekend. Glad to help. Hope the haircut is OK.

  2. Oh, I wish we could have had more time to sit and talk! But it was fun to see you and your beautiful family, anyway. :-) Your little Annesley was such a DOLL at the Ball! Russell and I watched her acrobatics and dancing for quite some time. I just couldn’t get over how absolutely ADORABLE she is!!! Love to you, dear lady!

    • tracy

      Isn’t she? She is so delightful! I think God made her extra special and gave her to us at this time to give us something wonderful to help us keep our hearts open and our home full of joy. She IS sunshine in our souls.

      Thank you for the hug!