Apr 14, 2011


Annesley is pure delight. She brings me joy every single day. Right now she is obsessed with swimming in the bath tub. Our tub is so big she can stand in it and dive to the bottom. Then she turns around and around and around under the water like a seal. She loves it and loves showing everyone who will watch just how long she can stay under the water.

During today’s bath, she said so many cute things…here is a sampling:

This is an enormous, dangerous problem! Want to see the enormous, dangerous problem?

Isn’t that amazing!

I am amazing!

Can you even believe it? I am amazing!

Are you ready for this dangerous thing? It is the most dangerous thing of all!

Watch! Watch! Watch! Mom, are you watching me? I am going to do a dangerous thing!

I am NOT ready to get out of the bath! I am swimming.

It is my swimming time. You can just leave me in here.

Did you see that amazing thing? It WAS A-MAAAAAAAAZZZZZZING!

While she was in there I said I love you and she said “No, you don’t!” with a big playful grin. I said “Oh, yes I do! I gave birth to you!” She said “No, you didn’t” with another big playful grin. Then I said, “Oh, yes, I did! You were in my uterus and then you came out and you were born in my birth pool and then I nursed you.” She said “Yes, yes, yes! I liked that. I want to do that again! Can I be borned again?”

I love you mom, I love you mom, I love you mom, I love you mom! Do you know how much I love you?

Oh my, she cracks me up!

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  1. Anne

    aDORable! Gpa Lenna read this and laughed out loud!

  2. tracy

    He actually laughed? Simply amazing!

  3. Anne

    Out loud. He looked at the picture first and said “What did she do?” Her little picture makes her look a little guilty the first time you look at it. But I said, “She is just being sweet in that picture and hiding behind her friend. That’s a shy picuture . . .” Then I read it to him. He loved the part about the ‘dangerous problem’ and the ‘can you believe it? I am amazing.’

    • tracy

      That picture is from Christmas day…the cousins were all singing. I just love the look in her eyes in it…shows how precious she is. I didn’t want to put up a naked picture of her in the tub!

      I think dangerous is her new favorite word. I’ve never heard her use the word enormous until yesterday…so cute to hear it come out of her little body.