for briana

Apr 26, 2011

Late Saturday night I found out that one of my friends had died that afternoon in a rollover accident on her way home to California for Easter. She was a fellow birth worker, a midwife, who spoke truth, loved deeply, and lived connected to people’s hearts. Briana took my phone calls late at night and listened with her whole soul. Briana’s presence on this earth will be greatly missed and I, along with many others, feel such a great sadness at the passing of this dear, dear young woman.

One of her midwifery clients made this video tribute about her…so lovely.

Briana Blackwelder from David Perry on Vimeo.

Thank you, Briana. Thank you for loving and living and listening and giving yourself fully to so many of us. You will be so missed.

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  1. Anne

    Oh my gosh. Is it my imagination or are a lot of people dying before [what I would consider] their time? I’m sure it’s God’s time . . . but . . .

  2. Thought you might enjoy this video tribute I made for Bri.

    Peace be unto you and your family.

    • tracy


      Thank you! You created a beautiful, beautiful movie. I loved seeing Briana giggle and cry and speak truth. I loved hearing her words of connection and love.

      Thank you.