goodbye corrie

Apr 19, 2011

Last night during dinner clean-up, tragedy struck. Sadie, our black lab, killed Corrie. We don’t know exactly what happened, but we think she wanted to play with her like she had seen Keziah play with her. She knocked her cage over and Corrie got out and then it looked like Sadie tried to lick her or pick her up with her mouth. We strongly believe she wasn’t trying to kill her, there were no teeth marks and she didn’t eat her or anything. We think she was just so curious about this new creature that everyone was spending time with, that she wanted to spend time with her, too.

But, we don’t really know.

Last night’s planned Family Home Evening on Easter week and the events at the temple following Palm Sunday, quickly turned into a funeral, Keziah sobbing for over an hour, a lesson on the miracle of the resurrection and the great gift that Jesus has given each of us, and a quick run through the drive through at Arctic Circle for a dipped cone. As Keziah cried, we talked about other people we love who have died and Richard and I shared our thoughts on death. We were able to speak of the great peace that comes because we know death is not permanent. We will live again.

I am so sad for Keziah. She has been working and praying for a hamster for over six months. She only had Corrie for two days before she died and last night she said she should never have pets because they always die. I asked her which of her animals have died and she rattled of a whole list of them, including four cats named Atticus. I had somehow forgotten that most of the animals we have had that have been hers have died. Owls have gotten most of them. It is really unfortunate because she is certainly the most responsible animal caretaker of all our children. I don’t really know what to do to help her broken heart heal. I will listen for the whisperings of the Spirit today to tell me what she needs. I hope the reality of the resurrection and the love of her Savior can mend the gaping wound.

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  1. Becky

    That just breaks my heart. I’m so sorry.