thankful thursdays 4/14

Apr 14, 2011

* Happy Birthday to my lil’ sista! Today she is turning 22. I prayed for her for my whole life and when she finally came I fell in love with her. In the past year she has gotten married to a guy I love to pieces, given birth to the cutest lil’ man ever, and grown into womanhood and motherhood. I am so proud of her and I love the way our relationship has changed now that she has entered adulthood. We have shared our hopes and dreams, joys and sorrows, regrets, bad hair days, births of our children, and late-night ice-cream fests. I am so grateful to have a sister. Hope your birthday is FABULOUSO!
* Yesterday’s sunshine was glorious! Of course, it changed to pouring rain, fierce wind, and huge snowflakes before the day was over, but for a few hours my children played outside, dug in the sandbox, and ran around with big smiles on their faces.
* Sarah had her baby! Mary Ellen has arrived and I get to meet her soon!
* My bathtub. I love, love, love sinking into a big pool of warm water and having my thoughts to myself for just a little bit of time. It usually only lasts a minute or so before someone comes in to ask me that ever pertinent question, but if I am super-lucky I can soak and moisturize and dream and read and THINK in solitude.
——————————————————————————————————————————–* Computers…just think what our lives would be like without them. Sometimes I yearn to go back to the days of yesteryear when electronic devices weren’t such a focus, but I love the ease and speed of communicating, researching, and creating…such blessings!
——————————————————————————————————————————–* I am thankful for the ability to dream…to create…to hope for new things in my life. I am thankful I live in a time and place where survival isn’t my only focus. Right now, I am thinking up plans to build a fire pit/gathering place in some section of my yard. I need to spend very little money, but I want to create a magical place for singing songs, looking at the stars, sharing stories, and cooking up yumminess (yes, I just invented that word). If you have any great ideas, send them my way
The four youngest are painting up a storm – I am going to go see what they have created.

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  1. Anne

    I could die and go to heaven every single Thursday!

  2. I agree with your Thankfuls! :)

    On a gathering place, what about: family outings to gather river rocks for the fire pit circle, stumps sawn to custom heights for seating, with names painted on each, and maybe a thrifted folding table as an outdoor “staging” area, with a thrifted sheet as a table cloth?

    If you have a good tree, what about a reading tent? Use a thrifted sheet or a canvas painter’s cloth as a “lean to” sun fly, add a found-in-the-house area rug for lounging (or another painter cloth, decorated by the family with paint) and two or three large pillows covered with sturdy, pretty cloth?

    Don’t forget the option of a planted playhouse… sunflowers make ideal “fort” surrounds. Bachelor buttons are the ultimate in Kid-Friendly flowers, and bloom multiple times through the summer if you pick them regularly, which is why they’re so kid-friendly. Such little things make the biggest memories!

    • tracy


      Such fun ideas! We have never had a sunflower house before and I have always wanted to. Maybe this will be the year for it! Your creative ideas have my mind ablaze with new ideas. I will sit with them for a few days and see what I come up with!