annesley’s new phrase

May 11, 2011

Annesley is pretty much hilarious. At three years old, she has an imagination as high as the sky and loves to tell stories and shock people with her imaginary exploits. She loves calling my mom and telling her all about the bear that attacked us or the crocodile that was at the movie theater or how she became a cat one day and then a horse the next or how she and Fisher fought off the bad guys and then came back after all the bad guys were in jail. She goes on and on and on and most of the time my mom doesn’t know what she is talking about because the stories are so bizarre it is kind of hard to make sense of them.

Anyway, she has a new phrase in her stories…whenever she is surprised in her story she will say “WHAT THE COW!” I couldn’t figure it out for awhile, but then my mom explained it must be a combination of “holy cow” and “what the heck”…so if you need a new, I-am-so-shocked phrase, try it out. Maybe it will become all the rage!

What the cow!

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1 Comment

  1. Anne

    totally aDORable! Even though I couldn’t understand much else, WHAT THE COW was totally understandable!