what is this lump – the journey continues

May 17, 2011

Through a variety of small miracles, I am going in tomorrow to have a surgical consultation about this lump. I am praying the doctor will be able to feel it and figure out what is going on. We will chat about my options regarding a biopsy and I am hoping some decisions will be made.

Yesterday the soonest I could be seen was June 14th…one month away. I was not at all comfortable with that plan of action and decided to call a surgeon down in Pocatello who did a lumpectomy for my friend, Tina, a few years ago. That office told me they were booking six weeks out, but when I shared my story, they decided to squeeze me in tomorrow morning!

My heart is so happy about this turn of events! Part of me is scared silly, but a huge part of me is SO relieved to be moving forward in the investigation.

I keep trying to convince myself that the lump is all a figment of my imagination, that I can’t really feel it at all and there are times of the day when I am not so sure about anything. There are other times when I reach down and feel it and there it is, firm as can be, and I know I am not crazy (at least where this lump is concerned!)

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers! Keep ’em coming!

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  1. Becky

    Great News! I’ll keep prayin’!