mr. big, fat bear

Jun 15, 2011

Uncle Scott is moving to be closer to his daughter, Andie, and has been cleaning out his house. We have been the lucky recipients of some of his stuff. Fisher loves large stuffed animals. He has been saving up his money to buy a ginormous lion from a cute, little toy shop in town for months…MONTHS. I don’t think he will ever raise the requisite funds, but he has diligently saved his quarters up that he earns from scratching his papa’s head each night and he is convinced that eventually he will be able to buy the lion.

Since that moment in time could be years away, Uncle Scott has come to the rescue and passed on a huge bear for him to snuggle with. He sleeps in his bed with him, eats meals with him, and comes to story time on the couch. The bear is much to big for my liking…he crowds out the rest of us…but Fisher is in heaven with him. He sleeps all curled up in the bear’s lap, gets him dressed for various activities throughout the day and talks to him like he is his best friend.


Thanks Uncle Scott…you have made one little boy grin from ear to ear!

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  1. Anne

    Hi there Fisher! I sure hope you are enjoying your new Mr. Bear. He sure is lucky to have such a good friend as you! I saw how you fed him each morning [with a bib, too!] and how you let him cuddle up to you. You keep him warm and happy! I know he misses his old home but I bet he is very happy in his new home, too! Did he get to go on your father/son camp out?