scripture journal topics?

Jun 11, 2011

I am ready to start writing in my scripture journal and would love some input. I am going to organize it topically like the Red-Headed Hostess does hers, but I am unsure about doing it alphabetically from the beginning or filling in topics as I go.

If I do it alphabetically, I want to have a very comprehensive list of topics from the get-go…so, here is where you can help.

The Red-Headed Hostess has a list of topics, but I already know some I would need to add, so I can’t just duplicate hers. What topics would you add to this list?

1. Table of Contents
2. Table of Contents
3. Can You Imagine? 2009-2010 Seminary
4. Adversity
5. Agency and Accountability
6. Apostasy
7. Atonement
8. Baptism
9. Book of Mormon
10. Bible
11. Charity
12. Child of God
13. Choice and Accountability
14. Christmas
15. Commandments
16. Courage
17. Creation
18. Dating
19. Dispensation
20. Divine Nature
21. Doctrines and Principles
22. Dress and Appearance/Modesty
23. Easter
24. Education
25. Entertainment and the Media
26. Example
27. Faith
28. The Fall
29. Family
30. Family History
31. First Vision
32. Forgiveness
33. Friends
34. Godhead
35. Good Works
36. Gratitude
37. Heavenly Father
38. Holy Ghost
39. Home
40. Honesty
41. Humility
42. Individual Worth
43. Integrity
44. Israel
45. Jesus Christ
46. Joseph Smith
47. Knowledge
48. Language
49. Learning
50. Life After Death
51. Marriage
52. Missionary Work
53. Mortal Life
54. Motherhood
55. Music and Dancing
56. Obedience
57. Ordinances and Covenants
58. Patriarchal Blessings
59. Physical Health/Word of Wisdom
60. Plan of Salvation
61. Prayer
62. Premortal Life
63. Priesthood
64. Prophets
65. Repentance
66. Resurrection
67. Restoration of the Gospel
68. Revelation
69. Sabbath Day
70. Sacrament
71. Satan
72. Scripture Study
73. Second Coming
74. Service
75. Sexual Purity
76. Sin/Disobedience
77. Standards
78. Teaching
79. Temples
80. Temple Work
81. Temptation
82. Testimony
83. Tithing
84. Truth
85. Virtue
86. ……(till you have enough #’s for your your
entire journal – and leave blank))

I know I would add Passover, Hebrew meanings, pages on various women in the scriptures, the Feast of Weeks, Purim, Sukkot, Feast of Tabernacles, personal revelation, and seeds.

Can you think of anymore?

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  1. I kind of put mine in categories: yw/youth related, personal improvement, gospel subjects, family (those are the rough category topics). I left room at the end of each category in case I needed to add pages later. Then, I let go of perfectionism and decided that if things got a little mixed up, it was no big deal. :) Good luck!

  2. jessica

    It won’t work if you let yourself get all perfectionist about it. Delete the topics she has listed that you don’t need and add in the ones you can think of. Then use your leftover pages to add anything else *out of alphabetical order* and tell your inner OCD to relax. I’m glad you went with a moleskine, they’re my very favorite notebooks ever. I have a whole shelf of filled moleskines…

    • tracy

      What about my outer OCD?

      My moleskine is divine…I can’t wait for you drool over it!

      Still haven’t convinced myself to write in it!

  3. jessica

    *snort* Our outer OCDs need to go take a hike together. Maybe catch a movie or something.

    • tracy

      I don’t think a movie is a long enough break…how about we send it to the moon?

  4. I would add trees– I’m always so drawn to the symbolism of trees and the scriptures are full of them–
    then I’d do just what Jessica said. Take out topics you’re not drawn to right now and add topics as needed OUT of alphabetical order.

    Now I need to start one.

    • tracy

      Ooohhh, trees! Definitely need some trees…and water and bread and fruit topics!