water, sun, fire, and friends

Jun 2, 2011

I am at our Eighth Annual Homeschool Swim Camp, which Cami and I created back in 2004 to provide a way for our children to take swimming lessons with all their friends while being able to hike, play, and roast marshmallows with them outside of lesson time. It’s one of our favorite traditions and is TOTALLY worth the hours of my life it takes to organize it.

This year we have 90 children in lessons and about 45 families joining us in the camping adventures. It hailed and rained all day on Monday, but since then we have been enjoying sunshine and blue skies.

I can’t even tell you how fabulous it is to spend a week in the middle of nowhere with all my bestest friends…my children are all surrounded by their favorite friends as well, so it is a great fit for our whole family!

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  1. Jenny Hanson

    I am so sad we are missing our annual trip to Green Canyon!!!! So glad it is sunny. Next year count us in!!!

  2. Heather

    I have heard about this from some other home school friends!! I have 3 kids that I home school…I would love to get them into a program like this. How can I find out more about this group?
    Thanks Heather

    • tracy

      Where are you Heather? We created this event for our local area, but I’m sure others could work with a campground place near them and create something similar.

  3. Heather

    I am really close to Green canyon. I am in Rigby Idaho. I Heard a few friends talking about it last year but I had a tiny baby and didn’t really push getting any information. This year I had not heard anything about it. (I think last year it was also posted on a yahoo group). I am still new to this (home schooling, only 2 years) and I am searching for groups and activities to get my kids more active. I typed in home school and green canyon and here you popped up!! I assume that you are around my neck of the woods???

  4. Heather

    I am in Rigby, not far from green canyon. I had a few friends that talked about this last year but I had a tiny baby and knew there would be no way for us! It was also posted on a yahoo group site last year. I hoped it would be posted or even hear about it again this year, but I saw on another blog (which I followed forever before I found out that she was from Rigby too, small world). I would love to get my kids more involved with other home schooled kids. I just googled green canyon/ home school and up you popped!!!

    • tracy

      Heather, there are a ton of homeschoolers in your area. Contact me at mom2bmw@aol.com and I will give you information.