the cleanse: braggs vinaigrette

Jul 13, 2011


This little product has been a lifesaver for me! Eating raw veggies by the plateful is nutritious and even delicious, but it has gotten a little old. I discovered this olive oil vinaigrette at Fred Meyer’s and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Last night I dipped jicama in it and it was so yummm. I couldn’t keep Annesley away from it…she just kept coming back for more and more and with those big blue eyes pleading with me for another, I finally let her have as much as she wanted. I also dipped cabbage in it and it made a world of difference for me. If any of you are thinking of doing the 21 Day Standard Process Purification Program, make sure you get this product. I would be going bonkers without it!

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  1. Mom

    Only five days to go!

    • tracy

      It is getting easier all the time…but I REALLY want some popcorn! Surely popcorn with olive oil and Real Salt can’t be that bad for me????????