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Jul 5, 2011

Our little Annesley won the hearts of hundreds of people on Sunday night as she sang and danced her heart out in the America’s Hope Children’s Choir. She has begged to be in this program for the last two summers and I finally consented to let her sing with her siblings this year. I knew she knew all the words to the songs since she sings them year round on a nearly constant basis, but I wasn’t so sure she would be able to do the actions…and she wasn’t. The actions she did do were about a second after the rest of the group and were often with different arms and way more gusto than was choreographed.

The directors put her on the front row, smack dab in the middle, and all the eyes of the crowd were naturally drawn to her since she was a foot shorter than anyone else in the choir.

She smiled and sang and loved every minute of it and so did the crowd. At first they smiled, then chuckled, then cheered her on. And she soaked it right up. Glenn Rawson, who gave a fabulous keynote address, even commented on how utterly adorable she was.

I think she would do it every day if given the chance. She loves singing, performing, and LOVES people clapping for her. If this is what she is like at three and a half, what does the future hold?????

p.s. Where, oh where, was my camera on the night of her performing debut??????????? Thankfully the people next to us recorded it and promised they would send me a copy. If they follow through, I will post it here!

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  1. Tasha

    How cute! What a fun little personality she is!

  2. Anne

    I can’t wait for pictures. She was aDORable!!!!!

  3. She was SO fun to watch! I actually teared up a few times, because I’m a total loon about things like that, but she was so proud and uninhibited and joyful! Her little “rock star” fist at the end was perfect.

    When I found myself chuckling along with the rest of the audience, I got worried that the kids would think we were laughing *at* them, but I hope the huge applause for the great job they all did reassured them. :) We were sitting very near the front and center, and the ways of pure *joyfulness* that were rolling from the whole auditorium were very palpable. The kids really contributed to the evening, and I left feeling energized and hopeful and grateful. Please tell *all* your singers that we really, really enjoyed their performance!

  4. tracy

    Thanks Liz! It’s good to hear from someone who doesn’t know her that they found her…and all the children adorable. I thought the choir did a fabulous job! They only had one practice for this event, but they pulled it off in style!

    Joy is just the right word to describe them!