a note full of love

Aug 27, 2011

So, I am cleaning my room…trying to at least…and keep finding things I want to remember forever and the only way to do that is to write them down in my commonplace book or type them on here. Since I type faster than I write, I’ll add them here!

On the day of my lumpectomy, two friends from my church brought over dinner and their love. I was completely out of it that night, but later in the week, I read their words and bawled my eyes out at the kindness they had shown my family. Their words strengthened me then and rereading them today they continue to sink deep into my heart.

Dear Tracy,

You are thought of, loved, and prayed for, especially at this time of trial in your life! We are all in this together, to strengthen each other and serve each other and love each other. We hope you feel of our love and concern and our absolute faith in our Heavenly Father’s timing and will! Everything will work out and will be for your good and your precious family’s good.

Isn’t that lovely? I cannot tell you how much the cards, emails, smiles and hugs have meant to me this summer. I have put on a pretty good face most of the time, but I often fall apart late at night and have been full of fear, full of despair, full of hopelessness. The love I have felt from my friends and family has made a huge difference in my being able to feel the peace and love of God. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me with your heart…I have truly needed it.

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  1. Anne

    Oh, my gosh! That is the most precious note!!! I’m glad you preserved it.