annual lava day

Aug 30, 2011

annual lava day

Every year I plan a big homeschool social at Lava Hot Springs. We always have tons of fun seeing friends from all over Southeast Idaho and of course, the speed slides can’t be beat. This year I spent the day soaking my feet in the shallow end of the pool watching Annesley and Fisher jump in again and again and again. I didn’t dare swim or slide for fear of hurting myself…for some reason my arm and breast are still SO sore after the lumpectomy. Keziah and Blythe played with friends all day and I barely saw them. Around closing time I finally remembered to take a few pics of the children.

Fisher spent hours pushing Annesley around in her “boat”.



Fisher mastered jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side of the pool. I think he did it about 20 times.


Keziah and her friend, Arianna…both of them exhausted from swimming for about eight hours at this point.


Blythe with her friends.


How I love this face…sunburned, exhausted and all.


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  1. TheJoyfulPalmer

    Tracy, where did you get Annesley’s boat? It looks like something that would be perfect for Maggie.

    • tracy

      I bought it at Walmart when Blythe was a wee lass for $18. I know they are still being made though because I see people with new ones all the time. It would be perfect for Maggie…Keziah can still fit in it!

      It is Swim Ways brand.