keziah’s new bag

Aug 23, 2011

keziah’s new bag

Keziah bought a bag pattern about a year ago and ever since then she has desperately wanted to create the bag. Clear back in February or March she bought her fabric and then came right home and started working on it. She got a few pieces cut out and then asked me for help. The problem was that for me reading a pattern is like reading Mandarin. It simply makes no sense to my brain at all. She kept trying to work on it here and there, but had little success because I couldn’t help her. She would call our dear friend, Kat, and get input on what to do next, do it, and then be stuck again. It was really frustrating for her, but she kept working on it a little bit at a time.

Last week she worked out a deal with Kat…she wanted Kat to come over and help her and in return she would babysit for her or do something else needed and wanted. Kat agreed and yesterday she spent about 12 hours at our home guiding Keziah through the whole process. Kez did all the sewing, but Kat did all the pattern interpretation which I fail so miserably at. Kat and I talked and laughed and ate and every few minutes Keziah would come out and report what she had done and ask what to do next. I was able to clean the mountains of precariously perched papers, books, and minutia off my desk while Kat worked on the internet, and all of our little children collected loads of bugs and went on grand adventures outside.

Well, at about midnight last night, Keziah finished the last step! It turned out adorable! I am so proud of her for sewing for twelve hours straight and sticking with it even she was frustrated with her lack of perfection. I’m proud of her for making tough decisions about how to improvise when she ran out of fabric halfway through. I’m proud of her for not screaming at her machine when it kept going berserk. I’m proud of her for not allowing my ineptness to stop her from making her bag.

Thanks Kat! It was wonderful to spend the day with you and yours, share our food and conversation with you, and see our little ones so happy to be together once again. You are a gem!

Here is the finished product…pretty cute, eh?



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  1. the Grom, I must say . . .

    Um, TO-tally aDORable!!!! And she is so color coordinated. Is that planned? I’m sure . . . . Love the little wrist band, too. Are those earrings?

    • tracy

      I gave Blythe the job of doing a photo shoot of Keziah and her bag and she got her dressed to match. The wrist band is her swim pass from Green Canyon from three months ago…and yes, Blythe put clip-on earrings on Kez. They had so much fun!

  2. Super cute!!!

  3. Anne

    That would be a COOL class for iFamily. Photography!!!!!! Maybe Jessica?

    • tracy

      Yeah, I think it would be great…I think Jessica or Jennifer B. would both be great!

  4. Anne

    Well, I just realized how perfect this picture is and the idea of a photo shoot is way cool. They could learn so much about how to place, center, look at backgrounds, color, texture and on and on and on!

  5. Sue

    I love that purse!!! That is a project she will cherish for a very long time.

    • tracy

      Thanks Sue! She is super proud of herself. It looks and feels great! She used some lovely interfacing and lining, so it is nice and sturdy.

  6. Great job Keziah! The fabric is so fun :)

  7. Katherine

    I’m super proud of Keziah. She did an amazing job. It was such a joy to watch her have some successes and recognize them. It was a really lovely day. :)