Aug 16, 2011

I am feeling some major urges to rearrange. I want a whole new blog look…desperately. I want to rearrange all my kitchen cupboards. I want to dejunk, declutter, and turn my laundry room topsy-turvy (I have just taken back the stewardship of doing laundry from Blythe and I cannot handle spending hours of my life in that room in the state it is currently in!). I am dying to completely rearrange our school room to make it so our study area is over in the sunniest part of the room. I want to read, write, and discuss with the sun shining on our faces and lighting up our hearts with joy!

Problems with these ideas?

I can’t use my right arm very well after the lumpectomy, I have a stack of deep-thinking, rigorous-reading books I need to devour for some upcoming colloquia and my Worldviews class I am teaching this year, I cannot even express to you how many iFamily Leadership Academy emails and phone calls I need to deal with on a daily basis, not to mention all the background work that no one ever sees. Meanwhile, I want to be outside enjoying the gloriousness (yes, that is a word!) of an Idaho summer.

Some people have spring cleaning urges…I have decided I must have mine a bit delayed because this urge has come pretty strong the past several years right about this time.

Quite the quandary!

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  1. Rachael


    Remember how I told you about Doris? I talked with someone (a miracle today) and her sister-in-law was trained by Doris. She charges $20!!!! I can’t wait to meet her. I saw Dr. Dustin Thayne yesterday and found out some very interesting things that are going on in my body (besides being pregnant). He and his partner loved Doris too which gives me lots of faith and hope in healing. If you’re interested, I’d love to give you her number and you can give her a call to ask questions. Just let me know.

  2. Rachael

    haha. sorry. I know that had nothing to do with your post but I just had to tell you.

  3. jessica

    Get if you can! It is amazing and has revolutionized my entire LIFE. I am using it with – but I don’t know if you would like her emails because she is irreverent, but she gets right to the point and my house has been routinely tidy for longer than I have ever managed in my entire 11 years of marriage!