a new place to eat

Oct 22, 2011

a new place to eat

Today in the midst of working on Make It For Maggie and a gazillion loads of laundry, I decided I couldn’t live with my dining room disaster another minute. I dove right in and started moving things around, putting things in their correct places, and throwing things away. My friend, Rachel, came over in the midst of the project and said “you are a fall nester!” by which she meant I try to make my house a home every autumn. Her comment intrigued me, so I went back to last year’s posts and sure enough, I deep-cleaned this exact same room on October 26th a year ago!

Even though I fight schedules to the death sometimes, I must be on some kind of internal clock that propels me to do things on its own schedule! Fine with me as long as said clock doesn’t let me know of its existence!

I took a Magic Eraser to the walls and baseboards, put all of the Math Alive! stuff in our learning room (it is has been sitting in our dining room since April when I finished teaching that class! Yes, I am that negligent about housekeeping!), cleaned out all the bookshelves, moved the library and block baskets, dusted and dusted and dusted some more, vacuumed up spider webs, moved the piano, the table, the Usborne bookshelf, and the bench, set out my beloved cello, and threw out gobs of old mail. I don’t know why I let things stack up for so long, but I do and I accept that about myself. It is a fault, but it is not the end of the world or anything.

Here it is, all cleaned up and rearranged.




I would really like to have cozy family dinners in here every night instead of at the island in the kitchen. I would like to gather here for connection and conversation instead of letting it become the dumping ground it so often is. Maybe I just need to force myself to have guests over for dinner on a frequent basis so that this room will stay spic-n-span.

Tonight I am going to revel in its cleanliness and order…I would sleep in there if I could!

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  1. Rachael

    Love it! I love how you put the chair under the art, and changed things up on top of the bookshelves. wink- that cello adds a nice touch too! Good job, friend.

    • tracy

      Thank YOU for your input and the wonderful visit!

  2. Anne

    Wow! This room looks so welcoming and awesome!!! It is so you, too!!!! How do you do it? It’s been decades since I cleaned like that.

    • tracy

      Mama, you don’t have to clean like that because your house doesn’t ever get that messy!

  3. Katherine

    I <3 <3 <3 it!

  4. Anne

    ho ho ho!

  5. What a pleasant space! Definitely a delightful spot to have a family meal. Good work! I’m a fall nester, too… just feels GOOD to sort things out when the air is so crisp and sharp!

  6. Tasha

    It looks great! I’d love to hear more about her comment. I think I might be a fall nester, too. All the clutter and unorganized cupboards seem really oppressive right now. But how to find time to de-clutter? I guess I’ll get off my computer and finish de-junking my dresser drawers – my project for today.

    • tracy

      My project for today was to get all of the Make It For Maggie stuff done…here it is 5:04 and I am not done. But I did do learning time with my children, clean a few things, read three chapters in my worldviews book, helped Keziah with her Galileo work, finish Fisher’s Old Testament book with him, and get a lot of MIFM stuff done, but eeeekkkk I just realized tomorrow is Zaycon chicken day and so today really is my last day to get MIFM done!