thankful thursdays 10/13

Oct 13, 2011

* My mama bought us some canned goods at the case lot sale this week. She thought she was being all secretive by having them call us and tell us to come pick up an order, but the bleach gave her away. She adds all-fabric bleach to her laundry and when I saw two buckets of it I knew it was her. Thank you mom. My children have been devouring the tuna fish. In fact, Fisher woke me up this morning asking if he could eat some for breakfast! I said no, we are having oatmeal, but he could have some for lunch. What joy a little can of tuna fish can bring him!
* I am so thankful to be part of Make It For Maggie. Katherine and I have been working hard to make it a huge success this year and I have been filled with gratitude that I have a friend who will work on big projects with me and many other friends who support me in those big projects. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who are giving of your time, energy, and resources to change people’s lives. You are all amazing!
* Rice packs. Such a simple thing, but oh, the joy (and the warmth!) they bring. We have all been sleeping with ours this week to help us warm up!
* Are you ready for a lovely tender mercy? I have been meaning to call and order some new contacts for a couple of weeks, but kept forgettting. I finally called on Tuesday and the office manager said that was the last day I could order them since it was the year anniversary of my last eye exam. I had no idea when it was and was silly excited that I ordered them in time. Lucky me!
* Trey. Trey is Fisher’s best friend and Kat’s son. Fisher is shy and reserved and kind of hard to understand when he talks. He is obsessed with bugs. He is sensitive. I think he may be a little bit hard to make friends with. But he and Trey have been friends for several years and they have the best time together. They catch bugs, build contraptions, and have the most interesting conversations. Trey is a genius-kid. He has been reading for eons, writes well, and can hold adult level conversations with just about anybody. Fisher doesn’t understand the way language works, has to relearn his letters every single day, and is pretty much terrified to talk to adults…or anyone out of his small circle…but he and Trey are two peas in a pod. Two different peas, but growing up together all the same. Fisher having a friend, a good friend, brings me so much happiness. I can easily imagine him not having any close friends because of his unique way of seeing the world and I am so grateful he hasn’t had to live a friendless life.

Think about it. Think about those good, good friends in your life. Now, can you see why I am so thankful my Fisher has one?

For Fisher’s birthday a few weeks ago, Richard and I took him on a date and we picked up Trey and let them get frozen yogurts at Orange Leaf. They were so stinkin’ cute! They sat at their own table and giggled themselves silly. They helped each other clean up their spills. They talked and talked and talked while their yogurt melted. Richard and I just smiled…so grateful our boy has a friend.
* My colloquia group. I have been meeting (and poorly leading!) a book discussion group for the past eight years. We read a book each month and then come together to share our thoughts, discuss human nature, apply the lessons to ourselves, and consider what God wants us to do with the information we have read. We have laughed, cried, and everything in between. I love my group and the insights they have shared with me. I love having a place to share my thoughts and learn and grow from their thoughts. I am so grateful to have these fellow readers and thinkers in my life.
Time for morning learning time!

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  1. Fisher must be getting braver, he and I had a long conversation a couple of weeks ago, and he barely knows me (although I’m a familiar face). I asked him about his birthday and he told me all about his birthday date :)

    • tracy

      Woo-hoo! Way to go Fisher! Thank you for spending time talking to him!

  2. Katherine

    Oh Tracy, I’m so grateful for you and your big plans too. I love that Trey and Fisher are such dear friends! I adore him! I am grateful that they can play together and search for bugs. I am grateful Trey has a friend I can trust. And whose family I love. I can’t imagine life without Fisher.

    • tracy



      Love you!