yes, i am alive

Oct 2, 2011

Although I haven’t posted for days on end, I am alive and well. All of us are.

Sad to say, my computer is not.

It has been making grinding noises for months and has been running a fever of a gazillion degrees, probably from the 4000 unread emails and numerous other undealt with stuff that is suffocating its life right out of it.

Thanks to the oh, so lovely Jessica with her brain chock-full of all things computery I think it will live. She has given me lists of things to do to take care of the poor thing and once it is back in the swing of things I have a ginormous get-my-files-deleted-or-filed task list.

I am hoping to be back in contact with the world tomorrow…we’ll see what miraculous healing she can muster up this time!

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