need some brain cells? go elsewhere…

Aug 13, 2014 by

Confession: my brain does funny things. It jumps to insane conclusions and runs a mile a minute pretty much 24 hours a day. It also misses things that are fairly obvious to others…jumps completely over the obvious to some ridiculous explanation.

(Mom, want to share the license plate story?)

Well, while I was camping I had another of these crazy brain explosions. I have eyes that are a bit unique – one of them is near-sighted and one of them is far-sighted. I had lazy eye as a child and my right eye, the far-sighted one, still doesn’t work all that hot. Even though we did the whole ginormous-patch-covering-the-whole-side-of-my-cute-two-year-old-face-thing, it is still lazy as every and lets my left eye do all the work. While we were camping I went contactless quite a bit. My eyes needed a break and since I wasn’t driving or anything, I decided to let my eyes breathe. The few times I did put my contacts in, my vision was all screwy. When I would close my left eye, the whole world would go blurry. I would take out my contact, clean it, try to figure out what was going on, try again, and be surrounded by blurriness.

I knew my contacts weren’t switched because I could still see out of my left eye. If my far-sighted contact was in my near-sighted eye, I would be nearly blind, only being able to tell light and darkness.

So, my ridiculous brain jumped to the conclusion that my right eye had suddenly changed. Dramatically changed. Like maybe now that I am forty, it was becoming more near-sighted. Or maybe it was a million times more far-sighted than it had ever been before. I kept telling people, “Something is wrong with my vision. I can’t see out of my right eye!” and “I am going to have to see the optometrist right when I get home! Something weird is going on with my eye.”

Well, when I got home and attended church, I couldn’t see they hymn numbers or the clock or people’s faces, and I thought, “Oh my heck, it is even worse than I thought!”


When I took my contacts out, I took the left one out and put it in the case. Then took the right one out and put it in my left eye and VOILA, I could see just fine out of my left eye.

So, I had somehow taken two left, near-sighted contacts with me instead of one of each. And instead of thinking it through like a logical person would, my brain jumped to the crazy conclusion that somehow, overnight, my far-sighted eye had dramatically changed.

Yes, my brain is full of crazy sauce. It makes the adventure of living with me a gazillion times more zesty.

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to the mountain

Jul 27, 2013 by


This is calling my name. This mountain gives me strength and right now I need that strength. My foot is broken. My hip is ever so slowly healing. My ability to endure is sometimes not as strong as I wish it were.

And so I go. I go to the mountain that whispers strength to me and delivers God’s courage to my soul.

Hasta la vista.

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i am alive

Jun 6, 2013 by

Soooo, it has been awhile since I posted. Sorry about that – I’m sure my loyal readers have been completely lost without me that past many days *snort*!

In the past fourteen days we have had piano & violin recital, the last day of gym, an amazing day at the temple, a visit from my mama, a week of Swim Camp, a visit from my Tami (cousin and dear friend since about 1986) and six of her children, a huge move-the-puppies-out-of-the-garage project, a hike and fishing along the Snake, physical therapy, a loose tooth, a trip south on which I lost my phone, a book-sorting party for the Read-A-Thon, and piles and piles of laundry.

But, I am alive and well and hope to be able to post about our adventures soon.

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the list

May 23, 2013 by

  • Cleaned out the camper, check.
  • Figured out my four meals for swim camp, check.
  • Survived physical therapy, check.
  • Made it through the Cultural Literacy Bee, check.
  • Made it through the Girls’ Camp Meeting, check.

Now, I can move on to the next gazillion things I need to do in the next few days.

  • Do a frillion batches of laundry.
  • Clean my whole house before my mom gets here in a few hours.
  • Find all the stuff we need for swim camp.
  • Buy the rest of the food we need for swim camp.
  • Find a lovely gift for my mama’s birthday.
  • Fix the spreadsheet with all the participants’ information for swim camp so registration can go smoothly on Tuesday morning.
  • Figure out what is wrong with Sadie.
  • Mow the yard.
  • Help Kez finish her math book for the year.
  • Clean my filthy bathroom.
  • Get rid of the hornet nests in the camper.
  • Find a rug that will fit in the camper.
  • Find a cleat/pedal system for my bike that won’t hurt my hip.
  • Make our favorite granola.
  • Make cookies and other yummy treats.
  • Prepare my lesson for Sunday.
  • Teach my last gymnastics classes of the year.
  • Take my girls to recital rehearsal.
  • Take my girls to recital, take lots of pictures, and clap with polite applause (I don’t think my standard wild applause is appropriate at a music recital, is it?
  • Call all the swim instructors to remind them about swim camp.
  • Finish cleaning out the garage (my project from two weeks ago) and put all the stuff back in that has been sitting on our driveway since I started the whole thing.
  • Pray away the rain clouds that are threatening to be ever present during our week of camping.

Ahhh, so much to do. Not enough of me to do it all. Time to get to work.


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a new chalkboard

Apr 2, 2013 by

I am kind of really tired of all these dreary posts, so here is a cheerful one. Mikelle and my mama were here visiting last week and boy howdy, did we have fun! On Thursday we spent the whole day craft store shopping. First we went to Mini-Bazaar to check out their new spring arrivals and I fell in love with a red chalkboard…as in, I MUST HAVE IT RIGHT THIS MINUTE fell in love. Do you ever do that? See something and want it so badly? Well, I do. I saw it and wanted it, but was absolutely not willing to spend $47 to buy it.

So I stared at it.

And went back to look at it several times.

Finally, my mom looked at it and said we could make it so easily. Me, being completely craft challenged didn’t really believe her, but jumped at the chance to put her crafty skills to work.

We ran over to DI, a local thrift store, and bought an absolutely ugly, pink framed picture with a nice wooden frame for $6.00. Wahoo! First mission accomplished. Then we ran to Home Depot to get some MDF and chalkboard paint, but instead we found some MDF that was already turned into a chalkboard. Mom quickly had the cutting crew sawing it to the right dimensions and out the door we went with a perfectly fitting piece of chalkboard for our new frame.

Now all we had to do was find the right color of red paint. Not too bright, not to dark. After looking at twenty plus shades, we picked out the one we thought would go best with all the other reds in my house.

We (and be “we” I mean mom) sanded the frame down, primed it, let it dry, then painted it with two coats of red. But I didn’t like it. I thought it was too bright. So Mikelle tried to mix some red with a teensy-tinesy bit of black, but it didn’t turn out right either. Mom wasn’t too happy with our experimenting and said we were going to ruin it, but we kept trying to solve the problem. Finally Mikelle decided to put black right on to the painted frame and have me immediately wipe it off to antique it.

It worked! I love it! I can’t wait to get some chalk markers and have Blythe sketch us something lovely every week. After reading gobs of reviews, we are ordering these lovelies. I hope they are as wonderful as the company says…and that they erase off my board.

My photo-to-computer cord is missing therefore I can’t upload any photos, so you’ll just have to trust me on how cute it turned out or come for a visit and see for yourself.

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yes, they are that wide

Mar 18, 2013 by

yes, they are that wide

I have hobbit feet. Not hairy hobbit feet. Not super long hobbit feet.

Super wwwiiiiiiiiddddde hobbit feet. As in Triple E wide. You know, on those metal foot meausurer thingys, I am a Triple E.

See the width measurer on the left side? It goes A, B, C, D, E. Then the second E line. Well, I am a Triple E. The line that isn’t there.

My hobbit feet make shoe shopping and shoe wearing fairly difficult.

I have only found three brands of shoes I can fit my hobbit feet into – Chacos sandals, most styles of Keens, and some styles of Danskos (not the clogs, my high arches can’t get inside of a clog unless I size up a gazillion sizes and what is the point of wearing shoes several sizes to big, it’s not like I can walk in shoes that are flopping all over the place).

But I have been dying for some little casual Converse-y type sneakers. I have tried on gobs of different pairs and either can’t get my feet into them or as soon as I do my feet have a full-blown panic attack from being squeezed to death.

But Saturday was Kat’s birthday and she wanted to go out to eat and then go errand running (she is somewhat anti-consumerism, so she can’t really call it shopping, but shopping is really what it was) for whatever we needed.

Well, what I needed was a pair of cute, comfortable shoes.

And hip-hip-hoorah, we found some! They aren’t Converses, nor are they Keds, though I tried plenty of both of them on. They are Dr. Scholl’s in the Jennie style in the wide width, which sounds a bit like orthopaedic footwear for the elderly, but they are actually cute! Kat, Jen, and Amy all said so, so it must be true. They insisted I didn’t look like a geriatric patient and after walking around the store and being sure my feet weren’t going to be strangled to death, then checking online on Jen’s fancy phone for a better price (the in store price was better by $15!), I bought them on the spot.


I am in love. I want several more pairs as well. Like these polka dot ones.

The problem I am now facing is I can’t find any wides at any of the online shops. ARGH!

For those of you who don’t know, women’s shoes are sized to be a size B-width. Wides are sized to be a size D-width. These shoes are extra wide because many of the online reviews said the regular width is too wide for people, so I think that is why I am able to wear the wide width, they are sized wide to begin with.

If anyone sees the Jennie or the Jamie in a wide width, call me stat. I need a size 7 and would love some of the super colorful ones. Wanna join the find-Tracy-some-wide-shoes team?

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a new do

Feb 19, 2013 by

a new do

This morning I wrote to my friends and said “Sooo, I have been feeling dumpy, lumpy, frumpy, and grumpy. I am thinking of getting my hair done like this…including the color. Thoughts? Am I pixie enough to pull it off or is my face shape all wrong? Or am I just too old to be cute anymore and I need to start looking at matronly styles? If so, what are your suggestions?

Here is the hair cut I was considering…I am in love with it. I love everything about it. The cut, the color, the girl’s beautiful skin. Couldn’t I just pay someone a bajillion bucks to transform me into this?

My friends responded with encouragement and tips on color (keep it dark, they all said) and suggestions for stylists since this NEEDED to be done today and my darling stylist, Mikelle, has moved herself four hours away from me.

Jessica, however, gave me a whole earful of helpful advice. I can’t stop laughing hysterically over it and must share it with you all because you might need some hair help (matronly OR not) just as badly as I do.

“Top L-R: 1. The first one is always nice, you don’t even need a clip on hair wig to create the minimal, conservative beehive with flip. 2. For the next one, you’ll need a perm, but just think of the low maintenance. And you’ll have a soft pillow wherever you go. 3. This one is just perfect for the younger mother, just crossing over into matronly-dom. All you need are some side wings and some light as air, teased bangs. 4. I know lots of moms just love the Donny Osmond helmet head. It’s a great option, and keeps your forehead and ears warm through the winter.

Middle L-R: 1. The queen of all matrons everywhere. What could be more classic? 2. The wanna-be queen of matrons everywhere. All you need is a pixie with a mullet. Hot diggity dog. 3. An impressive beehive always says ‘matriarch’ to me. 4. I had this haircut when I was six. My mom must have gotten confused, because surely donut-heads are only for mothers of advanced age.

Bottom L-R: 1. Lucy and Ethel. Matrons everywhere still copy this hairstyle. It requires a weekly trip to the salon to sit under the heat, and then sleeping carefully on a satin pillow in a hairnet. Perfect for your active lifestyle. 2. When all else fails. 3. Because his lipstick and hint of some denim apron something or other makes me laugh.

So. Just pick one of those, and I’ll get you a floral housecoat and pink fuzzy slippers and you’ll be all set to sail into your old, matronly, non-cute world. Since you’re only what, like a year older than me, I’ll prepare to retire my rainbow assortments of jeans and prepare to crop my hair as well. Perhaps I should do the Mrs. Brady since I’ve already got the mullet length. Does this mean we’re signing up for Bingo next year?

All silliness aside, including your email, how could your face shape be wrong? That looks just like the a-line cut you and I both had. I love your hair dark, too, but I’m biased. Whatever makes you happy, and that haircut is cute on both of us, Annesley and B. agree, remember?”

Isn’t she the funniest person ever? Oh, she brought a smile to my face and made me not feel so lumpy, dumpy, frumpy, and how could I ever be grumpy for long when she is around?

Well, it is now cut…not colored…though I really want to highlight the heck out of it just like in the original picture. Here are the pics…taken on my Mac in terrible lighting and a messy school room in the background.

I guess my hair is too thick to pull off the wispyness of the original, but this is an improvement over the lifeless, heavy look I have been sporting for the past few weeks.

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mostly done

Aug 15, 2012 by

Hallelujah! Twenty-four long hours after my last post, this new theme is pretty much done. I have a few more things I need to figure out, but it is two in the morning and surely time for sleep, don’t you think? Jessica cutified some things for me tonight and I want to throw a million bucks her way for making everything spiffy here at Wet Oatmeal Kisses. I can’t wait for her web design services to be widely available again so lots of other people can be cutified too.

The really fabulous news is Fix The Connection is back up! After fixing and fixing and fixing and NOTHING being fixed. I finally turned it over to God and told him I cannot figure this out and neither can anyone else. Please, please, please make this site work so people can find out about Richard’s business and he can help more people. Please.

And He did.

Just like that. He is amazing.

I still need to fix the Make It For Maggie site, but that can wait until my children are loved on, we finish unpacking, all the laundry is caught up, and I get some sleep.

Tomorrow I will get our camping pictures up…and Blythe’s sixteenth birthday…surely you are dying to see them, right?

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i’m back

Aug 13, 2012 by

We have been gone camping to our favorite place, Green River Lakes, since August 2. I have a whole post I need to write about our camping adventure, but for now, I will just say one thing: grateful.

Right before I left, my host decided to stop hosting and I had to work for hours and hours AND hours to transfer five websites to a new server. After many assurances that all was well, I set out on my trip, but unbeknownst to me, four of my sites crashed. The amazing Jessica resurrected our iFamily site, though it still needs quite a bit of work, but the other three sites have been down for quite some time.

I have been washing laundry, getting Blythe ready to go to Canada, and working on these websites all day long. The good news is, this site is back up. The bad news is, Make It For Maggie and Fix the Connection are still down and I have almost given up hope that I will be able to do anything about it. Yes, I am about to scream!

Anyway, since I lost my site and my theme customizations, I decided to try something new. I am still tinkering around with it, but it should be improving every day for the next little while. In the meantime, enjoy tracking the plethora of changes coming your way.

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