that’s what friends are for

Apr 7, 2011

I have THE BEST friends in the world. I have friends in my life who teach me to be gentle and kind by the way they mother their children. I have friends who give me hugs when I need them. I have friends who call and chat while I clean my kitchen. I have friends who study and learn and teach and edify. I have friends who stay up all night with me. I have friends that rescue my sewing projects. I have friends who bring me meals when I am sick. I have friends who love my children. I have friends who are insightful and able to give me just the advice I need. I have friends who give my children rides. I have friends who bring me smoothies. I have friends who make me laugh. I have friends who love me and keep loving me on the dark days.

I love my big circle of women friends. I cannot fathom what my life would be like without them. My family’s life is so blessed by the friends we have. I found a poem today that I fell in love with. I want to shout it from the roof-tops to all of my friends!

That’s What Friends Are For by Jan Miller Girando

When life’s being lived at hurry-up pace
With hectic things happening all over the place,
A friend understands and allows us our space…
That’s what friends are for.

When we’re feeling grumpy and scowly and cross,
And not quite succeeding at being the boss,
A friend cheers us up so the day’s not a loss…
That’s what friends are for.

And when there’s excitement and joy in the air,
Occasions to celebrate, good news to share,
There’s one you can count on to always be there…
That’s what friends are for.

They give us advice that we’d do well to heed,
Gently suggest the “fine tuning” we need,
Then join in our happiness when we succeed…
That’s what friends are for.

We’ll always be friends as we have from the start,
And when we’re together or when we’re apart,
Our friendships will always be close to my heart…
That’s what friends are for.

Thank you to all my friends for your presence in my life. Thank you for being God’s hands and hearts and helping me see the goodness in the world. Thank you for your love and support of my dreams and my crazy ideas. Thank you for your smiles, your tears, and your hugs. They have blessed my life more than you know and I wrap myself up in them on the days that are hard.

You ladies are the best!

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  1. Anne

    I think it’s one of the things that help keep you sane in your crazy, busy life and motivated, energized and focused in all your projects. I’m so happy for you.

  2. Jenny

    YOU are an amazing amazing inspiring friend!!

  3. Tami

    Love you Trac! Wish I could be there to be more of those things. I absolutely LOVE how many friends you have there. You really are blessed!