new commonplace book

Apr 14, 2011

I finally found my new commonplace book! I have been looking for a few weeks and nothing has spoken to my soul. Choosing a book to write my thoughts in is a pretty big emotional investment for me. It has to be just right. It has to have paper that feels good on my hand, colors that I love, materials that connect with me…oh, so many things have to be right about it. I invest a lot of time writing in my commonplace book and I will be keeping it forever. I can’t stand the thought of spending so much time with something and not adoring it.


I went a new direction this time and am hoping it sparks lots of creative thoughts within me. Each page is artsy with different sizes of lines, different types of lines, and vintage prints interplayed throughout. It is so fun to look at! Thinking of filling up those pages is a tad bit daunting because I feel like my thoughts needs to be as creative and enduring as the pages are. I decided I was up for the challenge and am hoping it will free me up to be more creative in my thoughts and doodles. I love the colors of red, slate blue, and green…they all speak to me and I love how “old” the cover feels. It is fabric covered and calls out to me from another simpler and more beautiful time.

The most important thing? I can’t wait to start writing in it!

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  1. Anne

    So perfect for you, although I can’t imagine you being able to write on different sizes of lines. I had no idea you liked red, slate and green together. It looks orange on my computer, but it’s red? Darling!

  2. tracy

    I’m not sure about the lines either, but I am really hoping it works for me. I didn’t know I would like those colors together either, but I love each of them individually, so, putting them together tugged at my heartstrings.

    The flowers are a cherry red and the centers are pink…super cute!

  3. Oh, I like this book!!!

    • tracy

      I’m still actually trying to decide on it. Part of me is SO excited about it and part of me is wondering if it will really work for me. The writable area is much smaller than I am used to.