a new do

Feb 19, 2013

a new do

This morning I wrote to my friends and said “Sooo, I have been feeling dumpy, lumpy, frumpy, and grumpy. I am thinking of getting my hair done like this…including the color. Thoughts? Am I pixie enough to pull it off or is my face shape all wrong? Or am I just too old to be cute anymore and I need to start looking at matronly styles? If so, what are your suggestions?

Here is the hair cut I was considering…I am in love with it. I love everything about it. The cut, the color, the girl’s beautiful skin. Couldn’t I just pay someone a bajillion bucks to transform me into this?

My friends responded with encouragement and tips on color (keep it dark, they all said) and suggestions for stylists since this NEEDED to be done today and my darling stylist, Mikelle, has moved herself four hours away from me.

Jessica, however, gave me a whole earful of helpful advice. I can’t stop laughing hysterically over it and must share it with you all because you might need some hair help (matronly OR not) just as badly as I do.

“Top L-R: 1. The first one is always nice, you don’t even need a clip on hair wig to create the minimal, conservative beehive with flip. 2. For the next one, you’ll need a perm, but just think of the low maintenance. And you’ll have a soft pillow wherever you go. 3. This one is just perfect for the younger mother, just crossing over into matronly-dom. All you need are some side wings and some light as air, teased bangs. 4. I know lots of moms just love the Donny Osmond helmet head. It’s a great option, and keeps your forehead and ears warm through the winter.

Middle L-R: 1. The queen of all matrons everywhere. What could be more classic? 2. The wanna-be queen of matrons everywhere. All you need is a pixie with a mullet. Hot diggity dog. 3. An impressive beehive always says ‘matriarch’ to me. 4. I had this haircut when I was six. My mom must have gotten confused, because surely donut-heads are only for mothers of advanced age.

Bottom L-R: 1. Lucy and Ethel. Matrons everywhere still copy this hairstyle. It requires a weekly trip to the salon to sit under the heat, and then sleeping carefully on a satin pillow in a hairnet. Perfect for your active lifestyle. 2. When all else fails. 3. Because his lipstick and hint of some denim apron something or other makes me laugh.

So. Just pick one of those, and I’ll get you a floral housecoat and pink fuzzy slippers and you’ll be all set to sail into your old, matronly, non-cute world. Since you’re only what, like a year older than me, I’ll prepare to retire my rainbow assortments of jeans and prepare to crop my hair as well. Perhaps I should do the Mrs. Brady since I’ve already got the mullet length. Does this mean we’re signing up for Bingo next year?

All silliness aside, including your email, how could your face shape be wrong? That looks just like the a-line cut you and I both had. I love your hair dark, too, but I’m biased. Whatever makes you happy, and that haircut is cute on both of us, Annesley and B. agree, remember?”

Isn’t she the funniest person ever? Oh, she brought a smile to my face and made me not feel so lumpy, dumpy, frumpy, and how could I ever be grumpy for long when she is around?

Well, it is now cut…not colored…though I really want to highlight the heck out of it just like in the original picture. Here are the pics…taken on my Mac in terrible lighting and a messy school room in the background.

I guess my hair is too thick to pull off the wispyness of the original, but this is an improvement over the lifeless, heavy look I have been sporting for the past few weeks.

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  1. I had my hopes up for the donut hair, personally, but I guess what you went with is cute enough. Ha ha. You look adorable!

    • tracy

      Maybe I can grow it out and then pull that donut-do off? How on earth do you style that? I would need some tips before I manage it successfully.

  2. Vanessa

    I was thinking in class the other day that I wanted your hair- the color, the curliness, the shortness. Is it naturally curly? The new cut is super cute on you- wish I had the face for short hair! I am thinking wait a couple more months til spring for the highlights?

  3. Tracy! It’s so cute! <3 <3 <3

  4. Amy Dawn

    Very Cute! I am the lone dissenter who wanted to see blonde, and I would love to see you highlight the heck out of it! You look adorable! Love you!

    • tracy

      I am still trying to figure out what I can do to make it look EXACTLY like the picture…want the highlights and want to have it shorter and less bulky in the back. Hmmm, maybe Mikelle can do a touch-up when we go to her baby’s blessing in a couple of weeks.

  5. Tasha L.

    It looks great! I really like it. Although Jessica’s amazing roundup of hairstyles was…amazing…too. :)

    • tracy

      Yeah, it was really a tough choice between my original idea and Jess’s suggestions. I think next time I will try to pull off one of them. Which one is your favorite?

  6. Tam

    Love the new cut!! I’ll make Amy not the only one and say HIGHLIGHT it. I do like your hair dark, but miss the lighter hair on you. Man, I miss you so much… really can’t wait to see you in just a few months! Love you

    • tracy

      Did you die laughing over Jess’s suggestions? I think I really, really want some highlights, but with all these people saying dark, I am questioning my take on reality.

      I miss you so much too!

      What did your MRI show?

  7. Still laughing!!! Twelve hours later!!! And sharing this with all my friends!

  8. So cute! I too love it blonde! You are a great blonde!!!

  9. I was going to tell you it looked cute when I saw you but you are superwoman and always on the go, so I admired from afar… and for the record, I do that a lot (Admire you from afar. And Jessica, too).

  10. oh, and I say highlights would work, too. I like both, but highlights would give it depth.