the gnomes are still here

Dec 1, 2011

But I’m no longer on death’s door. I wish the abdominal cramping would go away.

Maybe I will try some charcoal?

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  1. Tasha

    Colloidal silver might help?

    • tracy

      It might…I don’t have any though.

  2. Anne

    What, really, are gnomes? Are you talking about worms?

    • tracy

      Gnomes…little creatures having a party in my intestines. Today their party was so loud Jennifer and Kat could hear them from across the room. Never in my life have I experienced a gnome party like this one.

  3. Michelle

    You poor thing! Make sure you are re hydrating enough- not enough fluids can aggravate the cramps.

    • tracy

      Yeah…good thought. Since I haven’t been eating anything, I’m sure I’m not getting enough fluids either! I wonder how gym will go tomorrow???????