a new do

Sep 8, 2011

a new do

I have had twenty-five bad hair days in a row.


It was one too many for me and today I made a hair appointment with a shop I’ve never been to and a stylist I’ve never met.

One word:


My sister has cut my hair for the past several years and I trust her completely. She knows me, she knows what looks good on me, and she will spend as much time as it takes until we are both satisfied.

Well, Mikelle is recovering from a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus and she is in no position to be cutting hair right now. I thought about driving down to Logan this afternoon and having her give it her best shot, but I didn’t think it was all that wise.

Desperate times require desperate measures!

This time the desperate measures worked out and I love my haircut!

Photo 169

Photo 173

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  1. You have such great hair. It always looks so good!

  2. Tonya Taylor

    I didn’t notice any bad hair days! I am feeling the same way about bad hair days lately. I like your new do!:)

  3. Tonya Taylor

    Where did you go?

  4. It looks fantastic!

  5. tracy

    Thank you everyone! Now I need to decide if I want to put any color in it…Mikelle thinks she can handle that!

  6. tracy

    I went to Mia Bella.

  7. mamasita

    So totally adorable! You look ten years younger, and peaceful, and beautiful and wonderfully put together, and your school room looks great! Love you!!!!