the good news and the bad news

Jan 30, 2012

Today has been a day of doctor’s appointments. All day long.

Two hours this morning at the chiropractor and another hour this afternoon at they eye doctor.

And a house-full of company is coming tonight. I need another week to get ready for them, but another week I don’t have, so they will get us as we are and not spiffed up or spankin’ clean.

The bad news is Blythe is struggling with the same weird hormonal issues I am struggling with and she has a tipped uterus. The good news is maybe we can turn it around for her and she can stop the estrogen-dominance before it gets completely out of hand like mine is. So, the pain and moodiness and excruciating cramps aren’t all in her head and there is really something wrong with her. Good to know, but I wish I had paid attention sooner.

The other bad news is my ligaments are really struggling. Those of you who are long-time friends know what a huge issue keeping my joints in place used to be. I have been pretty well for a few years, but now the pain is back and getting worse each day. Some weeks at gym my femur head dislocates and someone has to put it back in place. Other weeks my shoulder or elbows just won’t stay put. Right now my shoulders hurt so bad that I have to lay flat on my back to sleep; if I am on my side they pop out of place. I don’t know if this is related to the hormone issues or what, but my doctor seems to think so. He worked on my shoulders, pelvis, and jaw today and now I am really sore. So sore it hurts to lift my arms up to type. I hope this settles down as the muscles reposition after the adjustment.

The other bad news is Keziah’s eye complaints weren’t a case of “I really want a pair of glasses so I am going to tell you my eyes hurt until you get me some” like I half-way suspected, but instead she is indeed far-sighted and needs glasses so the muscles in her eyes can relax. The good news is we live in America where glasses are readily available and she can find some funky frames to suit her personality.

Blythe’s play is this week…all week long. It is going to be fun and exhausting and fun and busy and fun and I might need to sleep all next week. It is a whole bucketful of work for a whole lot of people, but it is also incredibly rewarding to see these youth grow as actors and performers and I hope we have huge crowds come out to see them (shameless plug…if you are local, please COME!).

In a few minutes a friend is coming over for me to teach her how to use a baby carrier and then I need to work some magic with my sourdough start. I didn’t make bread last week when the gnomes were here so I have gobs of start that needs dealt with. I think I will let it grow for a day and then make loaves and loaves AND loaves of bread (I should end up with 16-20 loaves!) tomorrow to sell at the concession stand at the play. Lil’ bit crazy if I do say so myself.

I am also going to have eleven extra children and four extra adults at my house…busy, busy, busy. The good news is (not that the previous sentence is bad news, just a lot of people news) my Tami is coming!!!! She is coming to see me before she leaves for Australia and we get to laugh and work and play and have a blast together before she moves to the other side of the world. The other good news is my sister (anybody need a haircut?) and my friend, Boo, are coming as well and then at the end of the week my mama is coming as well. Party time at my house!

Suffice it to say, you might not hear much from me this week…

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  1. jessica

    I can’t remember when M. is doing hair. I can’t decide if I should cover my gray or not. Holler is she still has openings and help me make up my mind.

    I’m sorry everything is yucky health-wise. I miss you already, what am I going to do with myself this week?

    • tracy

      Come join the fun! Kat is sleeping over with us tonight! And tomorrow is a girl paaaaah-tee!

      She can do your hair on Thursday, but come by tomorrow morning so she can get the right color for you.

      I feel like we haven’t talked forever…must do it soon!