Nov 12, 2011

Just a big fancy word for a blood clot.

Sarah, our faithful cat…actually Blythe’s faithful cat…who has caught mice for us for years and years, has a blood clot and she will most likely die in the next few days.


Such a common occurrence around here.

We have had funerals for cats and dogs and birds and chickens and hamsters and fish. So many funerals. So many tears shed and holes dug and prayers said.

Sarah has been with us the longest of any of our animals. I think Blythe was five or six when Sarah was born and they have been joined at the heart ever since. Sarah has given birth to umpteen numbers of kittens, usually on our front porch where we find them and then place them in a warm cozy box with her. Our Louisa May, who was another faithful cat we had for years, was one of her kittens. For three years in a row, she gave birth on the third Sunday in April. Just like clockwork, we came to expect new kittens on that day. Then one year, she gave birth on the third Tuesday and it threw us all for a loop. Her last several litters of kittens have all died despite Blythe’s valiant efforts to keep them alive…another sign of how old and worn out she is getting.

Sarah’s back legs are cold and stiff and losing circulation – the blood clot is preventing blood flow. The vet recommended euthanasia, but we are trying a different route. A route that feels right. We are hand-feeding her, giving her baby aspirin, lots of rubbing, oodles of love, and praying for a miracle. Our children are learning, once again, to take care of the sick and afflicted of this world. They are learning that life can be hard and that it is our duty to help ease the burdens for those around us. They are learning that life has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

I disagree with euthanasia for people and I am coming to see that I disagree with it for animals as well. It may be less messy, but it also feels less whole. Less complete. And I think we need some mess in our lives to understand the beauty and the gift of this thing called life.

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  1. Anne

    So sorry Blythie has to deal with this again. She has had her fair share of death. I can only hope she is learning, as you said, great lessons about the circle of life.

  2. Wow– I’ve never thought about animal euthanasia that way before, but you’ve got me pondering about it… My thoughts and prayers are with your amazing Miss Blythe! {{{Hugs}}}