unfulfilled dreams

Nov 5, 2011

One of the hardest mothering issues for me to deal with is my children’s dreams. I have one child, especially, that has dreams, big dreams, and it seems her hopes are often being dashed. It breaks my heart…especially when I am the bad-guy or seen as the bad-guy who is preventing the dreams from coming true.

She wants to participate in an activity that is super-expensive, takes a lot of time – both for her as an individual and for our family as a whole, and one that we are not sure we want her to participate in. I have explained all of this again and again and again. She understands why the answer is no, but the understanding doesn’t do anything to salve her broken heart.

Last night, she went to bed sobbing…again.

I went to bed full of sadness that I can’t help this dream come true for her.

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  1. LaPriel

    So, what’s the dream?

    • tracy

      Being on a competition level ballroom dance team

  2. There’s still time for that… there are college teams, for instance, and no reason that dream can’t be an ultimate Yes, even if it’s a temporary Not Yet. (But I greatly sympathize with the heart pangs…)