thankful thursdays 1/19

Jan 19, 2012

  • Today I am grateful that my classes I taught yesterday at iFamily went well and that we are starting a new semester of learning and growing with our friends. What a busy, crazy, fun day we had!
  • I am grateful I was able to sleep in a little this morning.
  • A big thanks to Keziah for washing and baking some potatoes tonight so everyone could eat dinner at a half-way decent hour.
  • Tonight I am grateful for every parenting book I have ever read. I think my Annesley is going to help me remember all the good things I used to know how to do and say. Yes, she is a tad bit exasperating sometimes and I need to figure out how to help her use her words and not her whining-I-am-going-to-die-at-any-moment-voice that drives me bonkers.
  • My front bathroom reeks. Bad. Boy-pee has gotten under the linoleum. It is so bad I can barely step foot in there. Thanks to Liz, it is improving. She told me to cover the whole area around the toilet with baking soda. We did and we keep doing so and in less than a week there is a HUGE difference in the air quality. I used that bathroom today and didn’t even have to hold my nose.
  • Last night I went to the library book sale and got a potato box full of books and a world map puzzle for $4.00!
  • I am so grateful for my husband’s warm body. Every night I stick my freezing cold feet in between his legs and he warms them right up.
  • I am grateful for good books. Keziah and I are reading George Washington’s World and are learning so much about the people and places of the 1700’s. So fun!
  • I am grateful for Blythe’s new art class. I asked a woman to come and teach an Art Journaling class at iFamily and she agreed! Yesterday was the first day and Blythe LOVED it. She is so excited about all she is learning about art and creativity and expression and herself. I can’t give my children everything…nor should I…but I love creating experiences for them that bless their lives.
  • Fisher made a tornado in his Weather Wizards class yesterday. He had so much fun and has been spouting off tornado facts to us all day long. He is cracking me up with his “expertise”. Thank you Megan for a great class!
  • I am grateful for my bed. It is uncomfortable and needs replaced, but it is a place I can sleep soundly and heaven knows I need sleep almost as much as I need air. Tonight I need it in large quantities!

Love to you all…enjoy your Friday tomorrow! I’ll be in the gym flipping and cartwheeling all over the place.

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  1. Anne

    Um, I really can’t say anything, but is there something else?????

    • tracy

      What? Something else I should have mentioned yesterday? Well, sure. There are always way more things I COULD mention. Fill me in here.