Jan 5, 2012

I am mentoring a new class at iFamily this semester. Registration was this morning and in the first two minutes of it opening, I already had 18 students. Crazy!

I am so excited to be teaching this class and to share my love of words with these children. My head is swimming with ideas about language, writing, and rhyming.

Here is the class description I wrote in a rush when I couldn’t think in anything but Dr. Seuss style (Do you ever have those days? Days where you think in the style of a certain author? I have them all the time!)

by Tracy

Authors are silly,
Authors are fun,
We will meet some of them
One by one.

Carle, Keats, Numeroff and Seuss,
Stanley, de Paulo, Heller on the loose,
Scieszka, Anno, Harness, and Burns,
How many authors will we learn?

Adverbs and adjectives will all come alive,
Palindromes, homonyms, can you think of five?
Synonyms, similes, hyperbole, pun,
Metaphors and oxymorons are always so fun!

We’ll laugh ourselves silly,
Write up a kazoo,
We’ll create lots of sentences,
That’s what we will do.

Nobody knows all the fun that’s in store,
We’ll write as we learn and so much more,
So bring your notebook and razamatazz,
We’ll add zest and zing, and all that ZAZZ!

Doesn’t that sound fun! It is going to be…the only problem is, when my head is swimming with so many ideas it is hard for me to get anything else accomplished! I have piles of laundry, colloquia books to choose, Worldviews work to finish, children to love on, emails to write, gymnastics to plan, letters to mail, a storage room to clean, a freezer to empty and defrost, doula clients to meet with, bread to bake, bills to pay, a yard to clean, and all I can think of is how to inspire children to love writing.

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  1. jessica

    PLUS our heads are full of mucus. AUUGHHH, I’m so miserable. I want to stick my head in a nut cracker.

    • tracy

      You should see my nose today. It looks like something growing in a microbiology lab. I wish I could hide under the covers with a good book until it is all healed, but nnnnoooooo, I get to have a house full of people tonight for colloquia and then gym is tomorrow.

      The pressure in my face has diminished greatly today and my nose isn’t runny anymore, but my lymph glands are still swollen. Hang in there, you will get better soon.

  2. Vanessa

    How do you do it all? Seriously?

    • tracy

      I DON’T do it all. Not at all. I do things I love to do and the rest of my life suffers. My house is cluttered, my yard is a mess, my garage needs dejunked and organized. Today I slept, read The Giver, and lounged around all day long instead of doing the 10 batches of laundry I should have done. I can rarely find anything, shower not as often as I should, forget to eat, and survive on less sleep than my body needs…but I DO love my life. I live with ZEST and forget about duty all the time!

  3. Anne

    This class sounds so fun! Hey! Seriously, you are the most interesting person I know. And you described yourself perfectly. I don’t know how you find time for all that you love, but you seem to. All that other stuff will still be there when you are done with your amazing adventure!

  4. Vanessa

    I love the way you prioritize! You are an inspiration to us neat freaks! Certainly your children will grow up remembering so much more than mine! I am working on leaving the clutter and turning to more important things!

    • tracy

      Oh, I don’t know about that Vanessa. My children see me working on my own projects far too often…and even they think we clean too much!

      I think you are a wonderful mama and I am grateful to have you and your children in my life!