itunes u

Feb 16, 2012

itunes u

I recently discovered iTunes U audio downloads…wowsers! It is simply amazing. We have already downloaded hours of audio books and have been listening to a variety of fairy tales, Beatrix Potter, What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen by Bastiat, The Adventure’s of Huckleberry Finn, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, C.S. Lewis’ Theology, and an Oxford University class on Tolkien. There are thousands of books, lectures, and classes available for free!

Our favorite place for audiobooks (so far, since we are newbies!) is Lit2Go, which is a collection of literature put out by the University of South Florida. You can find them on the web here or search in the iTunes U app for their offerings. They have a fabulous collection and all the ones we have listened to so far have had skilled readers.

I am so excited to discover the treasures that await us!

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  1. Michelle Huelle

    LOVE iTunes U! I’m listening to seminary classes right now. God bless technology!