thankful thursdays 2/9

Feb 9, 2012

Today I am surrounded by dirty dishes, laundry up the wazoo, filthy floors, whining children, a clogged central vacuum unit (been clogged since last Wednesday and I have spent several hours working on it to no avail), and dreary skies.

I may lose my mind. Not really, but I am a wee bit frustrated with how this day is going…so it is time for me to clear these emotions out and focus on my blessings…otherwise, I really may lose my mind.

  • I attended a fan-ta-bulous scripture study class last night about Jesus Christ. It was exactly what I needed! My mind was going a million miles a minute processing all I was learning and my hands were flipping through the scriptures and taking notes as fast as I could. Then I came home and taught my family what I learned and we had a great discussion. My kind of evening!
  • I am loving my Zing! class. Yesterday we had a blast in class and I can’t wait to read what they write this week at home.
  • Speaking of Zing!, I am grateful for my zany personality, love of knowledge, and passion for sharing it with others. Teaching brings me so much joy and I am thankful my Heavenly Father has blessed me with talents that enable me to do so.
  • I am grateful for a working vehicle. Two actually.
  • I am grateful, oh so grateful, for the mattress set we were surprised with a few weeks ago. My back is feeling gobs better and I no longer resemble the letter “U” when I wake up in the morning.
  • I am grateful for my friends and family that spent the week with us last week. They pampered me and cleaned and fixed things and massaged me and filled me up with love.
  • Tami brought some food she won’t be using before she goes to Australia and we have been using it up! Thank you!!!!
  • I am grateful for my children. Even though three of them are pretty grumpy today, I am grateful to have them and grateful to be able to learn how to navigate this life together with them. There is no where else I would rather be than with these precious spirits.
  • I am grateful for Blythe’s mentors in her play. They have amazing gifts to bring out the best in the youth they work with. They grow them into actors that are confident, joyful, and capable of wooing audiences.
  • I am grateful for my red Danskos. Each time I wear them I am full of joy!
  • I am grateful for my shelves that were hung up by my friends last week. I can’t wait to dive into that room and make it all orderly and useable!
  • I am grateful for the big slice of Asiago sourdough I had yesterday at Great Harvest. It was honkin’ huge and served as my dinner last night in between iFamily and the scripture study class.
  • I am grateful for this space I have on the web to share my thoughts with the world and make connections with people that were not possible just a few short years ago.
  • I am grateful for my body. It may not be the strongest or always work properly, but it has served me well for many years and I am grateful to have it. Starting to run with Keziah this week has taught me much about how wonderful it really is and how blessed I am to have these muscles, bones, and ligaments. Yesterday at a running shop, I was evaluated for pronation, stride length, heel strike and lots of other things. I was told I have excellent technique and that it is obvious I am a sprinter because my heels don’t even hit the ground (no wonder I can’t run longer than a minute!), so now all I need to work on is stamina (which I have NONE of).
  • I am grateful to be a daughter of God.

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  1. Anne

    Your thankfulness reminds me to be thankful!!!!