what a week!

Feb 5, 2012

Play week.

It is a week of great performances, loads of fun, seeing our youth shine, and seeing many, many friends and families at performances.

It is also a week of little sleep, food eaten on the run, crazy concession sales, cleaning the play venue again and again and again, helping the actors/actresses do their best, and lots of driving back and forth.

This play week was also full of 20+ children in my home, friends and family coming to visit, house projects, my normal iFamily and Gymnastics responsibilities, lots of haircuts and colors given by my sister to my friends, a fabulous night of massages and eating Kat’s scrumptious hummus, bean dip, and spinach-artichoke dip, another night of staying up all night long and talking till six in the morning, and oodles of the chaos that comes when thirty-ish people are under one roof.

It was gobs of fun and although I am in great need of sleep, I am sad it is over. My cousin Tami left yesterday morning and she is moving to Australia for two years. I probably won’t see her at all during those two years and it just may break my heart. Thank goodness for modern technology and google chat/skype/facetime type of things so we can see each other while we talk.

Somehow in the midst of all this cacophony, a team of five friends (Kat, Boo, Tami, Mikelle, and Jessica) cleaned my house from top to bottom, hung up shelves in my sewing room, hung up our ginormous white board, scrubbed my sink till it shines, fed my children and all of theirs as well, and made cookies and granola bars. As I think of their love for me and how hard they worked on my house, I feel wrapped up in the cuddliest blanket ever made. This is what makes life sweet…being surrounded by people who care enough to give their time and talents to make my life easier and better. I want to gather them up in my heart and never ever let them go.

Love…it’s what makes the world go ’round.

p.s. Thank you for making my life so sweet.

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  1. A little bird just told me you might make me some fajitas if I sew a skirt. I’m pretty sure that would be a fair trade. Which sweet female at you house are you thinking about?

  2. Anne

    Tracy – – – remember that adorable one we saw at church today!

    • tracy

      Yes, that was cute as well! Have you looked at the one I want her to make?

  3. Anne

    Nope . . .

  4. Anne

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! That is SO adorable!!!!! Impossible to make, though. [I saw something like that at Downeast.]

    • tracy

      Supposedly it is pretty easy to make!

  5. jessica

    Seriously, all I did was clean your sink. But I’m happy to be lumped into this marvelous group of ladies who do and did so much for you! Thank you for pulling me into your life *grin*