update on the ol’ pelvis

Mar 8, 2012



What can I say to give you an update on how I am doing?

The Good:

  • The number of meals, cards, treats, messages, hugs, rides, smiles, and cleanings has been soul-filling, body-sustaining, and hope-building. This world is chock-full of good people who help and serve and love and sacrifice to bring joy to those around them. I am amazed at what my family and friends have done to help me.
  • Last week Jen taught my iFamily classes, drove me to gym and along with her daughter, helped teach four classes.
  • Amy brought dinner (enchiladas – yummmmm!), cleaned my kitchen & bathroom, loved on me, checked on me, laid on my bed with me, massaged my sore back, and drove Blythe to her activities.
  • Jessica brought two meals, cleaned the same messy kitchen, stayed up late talking to me, took my children to iFamily, and has orchestrated all sorts of secret Take-Care-Of-Tracy plans behind my back.
  • Tasha has given everyone lots of rides, brought in dinner, and let my little ones come and play when they were so done having a stay-in-bed mom.
  • Cami has given Blythe rides, checked in on me, and helped me look at the situation with new eyes.
  • Rachael and Ryan brought me yummy peanut butter-chocolate bars…so good! I think I ate at least ten!
  • Anna made s’more bars that saved my children from feeling completely uncared for (how they can feel that way is a mystery to me since we are WAY cared for!).
  • Stephanie brought over lots of leftovers from a funeral in our ward.
  • Debbie gave me a foot zone that released a lot of pain.
  • Heather made a wonderful batch of beef stew that we devoured last night.
  • Jackie brought over something delicious last night and we are saving it for tonight. I heard lemon bars were involved…I love lemon bars!
  • Kat has been Jessica’s partner in crime in creating a plan to help me stay in bed. She actually snuck into my house and stole my address book from my computer so she could enlist all my friends in her plan. I still don’t know what all their secrets are and I am so grateful they love me enough to take care of me in spite of my refusals.
  • Mikelle, my sister, came for several days and whipped my house into shape. She did a gazillion loads of laundry (I was about a month behind when all of this started!), cooked delicious food, cleaned the whole house, put my children to work, cut everyone’s hair, and took amazing care of me. She also drove Fisher and Anne’s to Utah to meet up with my mom.
  • And my mother? My amazing mother? There are no words. She drove to Utah to pick up the two little ones, drove them to Salt Lake, took them to their dentist appointments, drove them to Wyoming, took them to the movie, took them swimming, took them on the school bus, fed, entertained, taught, and loved on them for the past three days, drove them back to Salt Lake today for more dental work, drove to Logan to sleep, and will bring them home tomorrow when she comes to love on all the rest of us. Seriously. No words. She is an amazing grandma and mother. She did all of that so that Richard would not have to take a day off work or miss our caucus…meanwhile she took days off work and drove hundreds of miles. The children absolutely love their grandma and have been having a grand adventure. They call me every few hours and tell me how many belly-dumpers, flatbeds, dump trucks, airplanes, or yellow cars they have seen. She has them counting up a storm and learning all about the world around them. I have long believed the reason school was so easy for me was because my mom had a way of making the world seem magical and she taught me all about everything in the course of living. I see her do it now with my children and wish I had her gift to make learning seem effortless.

The Bad:

  • Being in bed is getting really, really old.
  • Being in bed without being able to be intimate with my husband is getting REALLY, REALLY old.
  • Crutches are painful.
  • Using the bathroom is hurting more each day (Is this normal? Should my bone hurt to toot or pee or poop?)
  • My back aches from laying on my belly so much.
  • Heartburn from eating in a horizontal position is wearing on me.
  • Swallowing pills has never been my strong point. After two weeks of downing LOTS of them, I can barely get them in me without throwing up.
  • Being a homeschool mama in bed is challenging and my children are ready for me to be out of bed.
  • Richard isn’t getting home till about 8:30. It is just too late. I miss him. Greatly.

The Ugly:

  • My bed is covered in books, papers, herbal concoctions, and dishes. Living in a bed isn’t an orderly endeavor.
  • I have a whole pile of books to read and can’t get my brain to focus on the big ideas I am studying. Not only is this frustrating as I should at least be using this time to accomplish something, it is also disturbing to me that my brain is not capable of digesting these ideas when I am in pain. This is new and I don’t like it one little bit.

This post has taken me over one hour to type on my little screen, but I was a good girl and didn’t try to get down to my computer. Aren’t you proud of me?

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  1. I am VERY proud of you!!! Wow– you and yours will continue to be in my prayers.

    Lots of love,

  2. Tracy!!!
    I love you! I’m so glad that you have so many good friends who are taking care of you! I want to join in on that bandwagon:) We have been sick over here for a while and as soon as we expell the germs from our midst, I would love to bring you dinner. And I would love to help in any other way possible, rides, play dates for your kids….anything!
    I’m so sorry that you can’t move out of your bed! I think you’re amazing, as always. Hang in there!
    Thank you for who you are! I will be praying for a quicker than expected recovery:)
    Much much love!

    • tracy

      Thanks Mary! You are a gem! I hope your family gets feeling better!

      I am so, so blessed!

  3. Anne

    Oh, Crap!!!!! Right after I had a huge, total, uncalled-for, irresponsible, out-of-control, out-of-proportion yelling fit and breakdown you write something nice about me! I’m so undeserving of your nice words!

  4. jessica

    I’m so proud of you!

    Your mom was gone before I could say hi, but I saw her across the chapel at church today. So glad she is there taking care of you.

    I think we are going to Utah this week – maybe from Saturday to Tuesday? Trying to figure out if we could take Annes and Fisher with us, would they hate that or love it?

    • tracy

      She went home right after Sacrament…miss her already.

      Really missed being there for Blythe’s talk. How was it?

      • jessica

        Oh I replied to this, but thought it got stuck in spam again.

        Blythe did very well, I loved her talk!

    • tracy

      Utah? Let’s chat.

      Don’t miss the awesome Appreciation Day on Saturday!

      • jessica

        I already told Mary we wouldn’t be there. We have two grandma’s who have birthdays on St. Patrick’s Day. Eric’s g’ma is turning 90! Little more important than Mentor day, sorry!

        • tracy

          90! Totally awesome and WAY more important than Mentor Day! Who is the other grandma?

          • jessica

            My grandma is the other birthday, she’s the one who just celebrated 60 years w/ my grandpa :o)

  5. Tracy, you are amazing and I am so blessed to have you in my life. I’m proud of you for doing the hard thing and staying down. <3

    • tracy

      Kat…you are the amazing one. Thank you for loving me!