a new quest

Apr 17, 2012

I have a new project. Project may not be the right word because in reality it is much more ginormous than a project.

I have decided to do genealogy.

Yes, you may have thought genealogy was something old people did. Well, now it is something this youngster is doing. Maybe since my body is behaving like an old person’s body it will all work out?

Anyway, I don’t know anything about my dad’s side of the family. As in nothing at all. Not their names. Not their relationships. Not anything. Through a series of spiritual experiences, I have come to realize that it is time for me to change that. It is time for me to let them into my heart.

And miracles are happening.

I have only been working on this since Sunday and in the past couple of days, I have learned all sorts of things about these people that are, in fact, my family. I feel a strong connection to my dad’s grandma, Sallie. I have already figured out who all of her children are and all of her siblings. I have worked my fingers into the wee night hours entering in their information. I have found gravestone pictures, census records, and a super-duper family history expert that is a third cousin. I have figured out how to use Family Search. I have had an amazing conversation with my father and learned more about his life than I have ever known before.

All in the past fifty hours or so.

My heart has been softened towards these not-to-be-strangers anymore and I have decided I even love them. Pretty weird feelings for a girl who thought she only had one family line. Yes, this is bigger than a project – it is a transformation of my soul.

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  1. jessica

    <3 !!

  2. Anne

    I have loved every minuted of this miracle!

  3. How inspiring!

  4. Michelle

    How wonderful- you’re saving the world forward, backwards, and in between!

  5. Anne

    I love Michelle’s comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tracy

      I love it too…it is far to generous though. I am working on learning to follow the Lord and He is leading me into new territory.

  6. Vanessa

    wow, how awesome! I love genealogy actually! I feel like so many of the things I do everyday have to be done again tomorrow- it feels amazing to do something that has profound eternal significance. Watch out- it can be addicting!

    • tracy

      32 names in so far…and yes, I am getting addicted!

  7. Jenny

    I am doing the same…and I had almost no info on my dad’s side too…and I thought it all died with him. I was heart broken then I bought a subscription to ancestry.com and there is was…5000 names in a tree…all related to me. A miracle!!! AND then I met the lady who did it all…she is an angel and has stories galore! Miracles happen!!! Have fun…the work of eternity is so awesome.

    • tracy

      Jenny! I tell you, we are soul sisters! Thank you for sharing you experience – it makes my heart sing!

      I am so excited you are coming to swim camp!