i survived

May 3, 2012

Yes, I did! Yesterday’s Ozone injections were nothing at all like the first round. These ones were totally do-able! Still a lot of pressure, still the pain of any injection, but none of the I-am-going-to-die-and-maybe-I-wish-I-would-because-this-is-so-bad pain.

My super-duper friends, Jennifer and Kat, drove me down, fed me a delicious breakfast of green smoothies and Gator Bites with Eggs, and loved on me all day. Even when I was crying and going to puke from the fear. Even when I was almost ready to move into panic mode. Even when I started blubbering about money and the lack of it. Even when I held their hands for dear life. They were lovely “injection-doulas” and I needed them every step of the way.

But then I did fine. My body didn’t go into freak-out-pain mode and I was able to talk through the whole thing. I was able to get off the table about ten minutes later and actually get myself dressed. I was able to walk out of the office.


I felt so good afterwards that I went with them to go look at Jenn’s new house and even though I shouldn’t have I could not resist walking through her woods. Unfortunately, after our jaunt through the trees I was so sore I thought I might puke from the pain. Jessica and Kat came to my rescue and brought me home, fed me some more delicious food and helped me sort out the books for the Read-A-Thon (they did the sorting, I did the paperwork from my all too familiar horizontal position).

Today I am still sore and pretty tired, but I am walking and full to the brim with gratitude that this treatment plan seems to be working.

Thank you to everyone that prayed for me and helped me get through yesterday! I needed you more than you can ever know.

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  1. You were a champion! I am so proud of you dear Tracy.

  2. Vanessa

    So glad things weren’t as painful in the patella region this go round! I need to get this dr.’s number and name from you…My dear husband Daniel has a rotator cuff injury, I wonder if it would help?

    • tracy

      Yes, supposedly it works really well for rotator cuffs. The West Clinic in Pocatello is the place. I hope it helps your hubby!

  3. Shannon

    Hey! I’m so glad to hear you’ve gotten more answers and found something to help! I’m also grateful to hear of this therapy. Rob has thought for a loooong time that he may have a torn rotator cuff and yet we’re waiting for a ‘good’ time to get an MRI done :-P Anyhoo, thank you for sharing this. He’d like to do something about it if this is the case, but surgery doesn’t always help. So I’m glad to know there are other options!

    • tracy

      Shannon, definitely try it out!