May 27, 2012

I went to church today! I stood for most of Sacrament meeting, then went and laid down on a couch for the last part. I also taught my class! Well, actually, I only taught a little bit, then I got interrupted with a meeting with our Stake President, and then I came back and finished up the last five minutes, but I am still counting it! I was there and I was prepared and I got to share my love with the girls in my class.

It was wonderful!

Tomorrow we are going to swim camp. I am really, really, I mean, REALLY hoping I do okay up there and don’t set myself back a gazillion years in healing. I plan to lay down in my little camper or on a table at the pool for most of every day and to walk around as little as possible while still being a functioning and nurturing swim lesson mama.

Come on, surely I can do this, right??????

Somehow I just need to get everything packed, meals planned, grocery shopping done, house taken care of, and then I can breathe easy and enjoy a week of sunshine, friends, and watching my little people improve in the water.

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  1. Tami

    Yay! You may be already gone to swim camp, but I just wanted you to know how much I will be thinking about you this week – and wishing I was there with you… SO MUCH!

    Love you heaps! I hope you really will take it easy and not hurt anything…. you have to get all the way healed up so you are ready for our hike – you have only 2 years to prepare! ;)

    • tracy


      We are here at swim camp and having a great time! To give you a picture I am currently lying on one of the green tables on top of my cot pad with family history stuff spread out all around me. Annesley is jumping in the pool over and over and over again and everyone is having a grand time. Boo arrived late last night with your trailer and van and her sister Whitney. We MISS you tons and can’t wait for you to join us stateside again. Love you to pieces!

      p.s. I am trying my best to lay down and rest. Blythe is being super amazing and preparing all of our food. The hike will be awesome!