a visit from grandma

Jun 17, 2012

My mama came to visit for the past five days! I looooovvveeee when she comes. Everything in our home flows better when she unleashes her magic grandmothering on my children. They adore her and she can encourage them in a way I have yet to master. She makes everything fun and enticing and down right fabulous.

She took each child on a date and out to eat and basically spoiled them to pieces. For her date with Fisher, they went to the zoo, a place he has never been before. He loved seeing the otters, penguins, snakes, camels, and keeps sharing all his new-found data points with us. She took the girls shopping and outfitted them with some adorable summery clothes that are sure to be loved.

We were able to go to the temple together! Of course, there was also much laughing and silliness because my mom has a lot of yellow in her…and so do I.

On Saturday I taught my last Worldview class (bittersweet to see it end!) and then we spent the afternoon at the lake watching the kids dig and splash. Someday I will be able to play with them again. Someday soon I hope.

The difficulties of my mom’s life sometimes prevented her from being the mother she wanted to be, but she has become a devoted, nurturing, and wise grandma. My children are so blessed to have her as their grandma. I hope I will follow her footsteps with their children!

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  1. jessica

    HOW has Fisher, who loves animals and bugs, never been to our cute little zoo?!

    • tracy


      We used to always have an annual pass with our business, but since it closed I haven’t been ale to make the zoo a priority. He attended as a baby, but not any time that he can remember. Pretty shocking, eh? I think I may have to bit the bullet and figure out a way to get another membership!