injection #4

Jun 6, 2012

I made it through the fourth round of ozone injections. Kat held my hand and I squeezed her upper arm (I hope not too fiercely…are you bruised Kat?). I had a response similar to the first injection (which if you will remember was 20+ minutes of H-E-double toothpicks), but not quite as intense and certainly not as long in duration. Thank goodness for that. I honestly don’t know if I could handle another round like the first one. I was incredibly sore on Monday afternoon, but by evening was moving significantly better. By Tuesday, I was able to get in and out of the van without hollering and today I was able to get out of bed without help.

These injections are not for the faint of heart, but they do seem to be working, so I am going to keep working up my courage and keep bringing strong hands to hold and see how far this takes me down the healing path.

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  1. So glad you are doing well after the last injection! I wish you could have gotten through this one more like the second, but at least the results sound like they are worth it.

  2. no bruises. you were a trooper! i’m so proud of you!

  3. Anne

    I’m so happy and relieved that something is working at least temporarily. Are you still going to meet with the surgeon?