great bedroom rearrangement project take two

Jul 3, 2012

Rememeber the Fall of 2010 and the Great Bedroom Rearrangement Project? It was a ginormous undertaking and took us about a month to accomplish. At that time we moved Fisher from downstairs to upstairs, Keziah from upstairs to downstairs, and Annesley from our room to Keziah’s room. I must have forgotten the craziness and long hours of that task because a few days ago I decided to start it all over again…and to get it done before my family arrives…AND to completely rearrange the school room to make it more workable for our learning and living.

This time we are moving Blythe upstairs and Fisher downstairs and Annesley out of Keziah’s room and into Fisher’s new room. We are also helping (at least valiantly attempting!) Blythe throw away much of her enormous amount of stuff that she has been holding on to since her first breaths of air on this planet. The girl cannot part with anything. ANYTHING! She makes me look like the queen of clutter-free, simplistic living (which I am SO NOT!)

Anyway, I don’t know what I was thinking. I must have forgotten that I am injured and can’t move things very well, or bend, or stay on my feet for hours at a time. I must have forgotten that these projects always take a gazillion hours longer than my predictions. I must have forgotten that children need food and sleep and snuggles and that jam-packed moving schedule didn’t have time blocked out for those necessities. I must have forgotten I only had a few days to accomplish this complete household rearrangement and that I would be gone for one of them to an iFamily Board meeting and gone another to Utah for a hip appointment and gone another for fireworks. Really, where was my brain and what on earth was it doing when it wasn’t thinking in any kind of logical manner?

So now we are at Tuesday and my family will be here later today to celebrate Independence Day and as of yet, there is no place for them to walk, sit, or sleep.

Come on troops! Time to kick it into super-speed!

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  1. Anne

    EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK! i thought you were done!

    • tracy

      Done? Oh, heavens no! This is a HUGE project. I really need to go grocery shopping as well…don’t know when to fit that in!