Jul 6, 2012


I dread the stress of family picture day, so we have rarely had them done (I think the last time was when Fisher was a baby…sometime around 2005) and our home is quite empty of any pictures of us. I hate the stress of getting everyone ready and I hate the expense, and I really hate how I look in photos (something happens to my face the second a camera is pointed in my direction and I turn into a blob with three double chins, a melted away face, and a smile that is completely unrecogniazble as a smile), so I avoid family pictures like the plague…but I REALLY wish I had gobs of them and could see all my precious babes at every stage of their lives. It is a problem. I want the end result (minus the hideous pictures of me), but I don’t want to go through the work of getting them. So, according to my husband, we are living unchronicled lives.


We did it! We actually had family photos taken and I am going to share them. Granted, I had NOTHING to do with deciding to do them, which is why they got taken in the first place, and I had literally no time to freak out about it because our family called on Monday morning in the middle of the great bedroom rearrangement project and told us where to be that night (yes, THAT NIGHT!) and when to arrive and Dad would shoot pics of all the gang. Well, I couldn’t stop working on the bedroom switcharoo, so I just kept working and about 90 minutes before photo shoot time I started working on everyone’s hair and outfits only to find out we had pretty much no clean laundry. I borrowed one of Blythe’s tank tops and one of Keziah’s size 7-8 t-shirts to wear as an undershirt, put Fisher in a shirt from the dirty clothes bin that wasn’t too filthy, put Annesley in size 2T pants and a size 3T shirt (she is 4 1/2), called Richard and told him to stop and buy some new jeans for himself, and left Blythe and Kez to fend for themselves. It was a little bit crazy and I was snapping at people, but my behavior was much improved over past family picture days.

I think Dad did a fabulous job!





Blythe…isn’t she lovely!




Fisher (in the rest of his photos he looks like he has camera-induced paralysis)


Annes and Fisher





Kez and her cousin, Talya


Our whole family


And now drumroll

: : : : : : : : : : :

: : : : : : : : : : :

: : : : : : : : : : :

An actual photo of me that I like…it is a miracle (isn’t it Jessica?)!

Maybe we will do it again someday…but it will probably only happen if I don’t have to make any decisions about it!

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  1. Amy Dawn

    I am in love with all of these! But especially the one of you and Richard–your smile is beautiful!

    • tracy

      Thanks Ames! Are you having a great trip?

  2. They turned out great! The outfits coordinate well too… sometimes just throwing things together works out the best. :)

    • tracy

      Mindy, I think I am ready to have you do a shoot for us. Surely it won’t kill me right? When will you be up again?

  3. I love them all! You have such a beautiful family.


    • tracy

      Thanks Rachel! How are you doing?


    Super cute, Trace. Everyone looks darling. Maybe this will give you some confidence to not melt every time I stick a camera in your face.. because I will not stop, oh no!

  5. These are great! I’m so glad that everything turned out so lovely!

  6. Anne

    I TOTALLY adore all of these pictures. You guys look great, happy, cute! Dean did a great job!!!

  7. Jennifer

    I love these pictures, Tracy! Your family is lovely!