Sep 24, 2012

That is where I am at.

After a long summer of healing, my hip is doing worse. I am back to moaning, ice packing, wincing, and needing to lie down a lot. I am back to searing pain shooting through the tear. I am back to holding on for dear life as we drive down my bumpy road. I am back to the tears. I am back to the pain.

I am not happy about it and I am so confused. I thought I was on the right path. I was doing so well! For heaven’s sake, I was able to kayak and jump and skip and do a forward roll.

Now all of that seems like a world away and I don’t know why.

Once again I am to the place of learning I can’t solve this.

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  1. Did you maybe reinjure it at gym?

    • tracy

      Of course it is possible, but it seems to be something different. Each day it is getting worse. Each day is worse than the last.

  2. I’m so sorry. If I were Amy I’d add a “honey” onto that sentence. She does the honey’s so well, don’t you think?

    ps. I think you meant searing, not shearing… though I know you love sheep. I have a post it note that says so.

    pps. You are coming in six minutes and I’m not ready! My kids are super excited, woot!

    • tracy

      Searing? Is that the word? I do remember hearing that word before to describe pain. I have often thought of this as shearing…it feels like tissue is being torn the way you would tear fabric along the grain. Could that possibly be shearing? Probably not, I will go change it now!

      I feel like I have spent so much time typing in names the past few months and hardly any speaking that I have lost all command of the English language.

  3. Oh Tracy, I am so sorry. I know that somehow, someway, you will figure it out. If we need to all pitch in and do outrageous fundraising to buy you a new hip we will. You know your friends love you that much, right?

    • tracy

      That is a lot of love. I am so, so blessed to have amazing friends – thank you for being one of them. I don’t know what needs to be done. Waiting upon the Lord is much more difficult than it seems.

      Is Miss Eva a professional walker now?

  4. Vanessa

    How frustrating. Could it be that healing is a 2 steps forward one step back process? Sometimes more like 1 step forward and 2 steps back? Here’s hoping it is just a short setback for you. You need to be the Make it for Maggie recipient this year!