first dates

Sep 16, 2012

first dates

Yes, Blythe has now had two dates! Her first date was with her papa. He needed to pamper his girlie and show her exactly what to expect of all future dates before we would allow anyone else to take her out.



Because we homeschool and don’t participate in the local school activities much, if at all, we had no idea she would be asked to Homecoming. So we had to squish her Papa-Date into our schedule in the days leading up to the dance. A little bit of craziness, but it all worked out. We rented her dress from Sweet Prom which is a little mom-n-pop (more mom than pop) shop in Idaho Falls with more than 100 beautiful gowns to rent (if you rent from there and give Blythe as your referral, she will earn a $10 credit towards her next rental) for only $50 +$15 cleaning fee. We actually want to buy this dress since it fits her so well and great fitting formals are hard nearly impossible to find, but I doubt the owner will be swayed by my pleading. We will see on Wednesday when we take it back.


Jessica came over and made Blythe’s hair into some fancy-schmancy amazingness AND did her make-up AND reminded us to get a boutonnière, which we had completely spaced! Richard rushed out and bought one in the nick of time. Thank goodness for a good friend who knows about these things and has the beauty skills I sorely lack!


Isn’t she lovely?


Pinning on the boutonnière


The cute couple (just ignore the horrid lighting and the glare on their faces…they looked much better off camera!)


Blythe had a ton of fun and I am thrilled her first date(s) were such great experiences! The young man who took her out is one of our favorite boys from church and he treated her like a queen.

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  1. Tasha L.

    She looks beautiful! How fun to have Richard take her out for her first date!

  2. This is heart-melting sweetness! Do you really have a kid old enough to go to a dance? wow! time flies!

  3. Anne

    Oh, my goodness. Blythe looks so wonderfully amazing. Her hair is adorable. Her dress is beautiful, her smile is infectious. She looks so happy! I’m glad she had a wonderful time. And I’m especially glad she has her papa to teach her all about what she should be looking for in ANY guy.

  4. tracy

    I still can’t believe she is old enough to be doing this, but she really is! I don’t think anyone could ever measure up to her papa, but in about ten years I hope she finds someone close.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. Who is that gorgeous grown up girl??? Beautiful, Blythe!!

  6. Awwww! She looks absolutely gorgeous! I’m sure both my big boys would have loved to have been in that young man’s shoes. :-) Please give her my love!

    • tracy

      She would have loved to be with them as well!