silly mustard girl

Nov 11, 2012

Annesley has been planning a daddy-daughter date for MONTHS. She has had it all worked out in her mind to go to Big Jud’s and get a big hamburger for her and her papa to share. She has told us over and over again that they will be going to Big Jud’s on their date.

Unfortunately, dates with papa take quite a while to make happen at our house because Richard’s schedule is a bit of a bear. So, even though she has been planning it for months, it still hasn’t happened.

She just had her weekly mentor meeting with her papa and then came into my room to practice violin with me. She informed me that she and papa are having their date on Saturday. I said, “Oh, what are you doing?” with a big smile on my face, knowing full well that they were going to Big Jud’s. To my great surprise, she said “To the movie theater!” I said “What???”

She quickly explained, “Yeah, we aren’t going to Big Jud’s because I would spend all my time staring at the mustard and ketchup. I HATE that mustard bottle!”

I have no clue what she is talking about. She has been to Big Jud’s exactly one time and I don’t remember anything about a mustard bottle or her staring at it or her hating it.

I think she makes these things up on the fly with no connection to reality. Maybe she has a future in Improv?

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  1. Anne

    Just maybe? I’m pretty sure you can count on it!

  2. Anne

    Ask her if I can take her to Big Jud’s for her birthday. :]

    • tracy

      She would love that! Call and ask her!

  3. Tasha L.

    What a cutie she is!