injection #8

Dec 28, 2012

On Wednesday I put on my big girl pants and submitted to having my eighth Prolozone injection. My chiropractor and my sweetie both feel strongly that I need two more injections two weeks apart. So, I scheduled it for the day after Christmas to maximize my recovery time while I am not teaching gymnastics or classes at iFamily.

Christmas night was spent sick to my stomach, tossing and turning, unable to sleep, and filled with dread. I really didn’t know if I would be able to muster up the courage to get on the table and allow those needles to go deliver their stuff.

Kat drove me down and listened to me whine for four hours prior to the appointment. We went to Costco and stocked up on frozen fruit, cheese, tortillas, and guacamole. The whole time we walked around, I whined. I went to the bathroom twice. I whined some more. Uuuuggghhh, the whole process of waiting for the injections is so awful.

Then we went to the office and I went to the bathroom again. AGAIN! What is up with the total bowel evacuation that goes on before each appointment??? Then, with all my courage firing, I laid down on the table, closed my eyes, held on to Kat for dear life, and let him inject his magic. Once again my knee cap felt like it was being ripped off and my toes were being pulled out of my foot. Then he moved to the side and did about five injections over there. A lot of screaming ensued and the nurse said I turned green for a wee bit, but I kept holding Kat’s hand and I think I came back to the land of the living fairly quickly.

We had a painful drive home and my brother, Scott, helped me into the house. Then I stayed in a horizontal position with ice packs on the injections sites for the next 40 hours. Now I can walk again and am moving pretty well. Not too bad this time. Sometimes it is five days before I am feeling this well.

Oh, boy. Twelve more days till the next round in the big ring. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.

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  1. Tasha L.

    Oh, you are brave. You can do it, but it is scary. Those emotions are real, and I think they are kind of unavoidable. We will pray for miraculous results. I am praying for your hip to be completely healed.