i don’t wanna grow up

Jan 1, 2013

I’m not a ToysRus kid, but today I am having a “I don’t wanna grow up” moment. For the past several years our children have been given Walmart gift cards from grandparents and we have been stockpiling them in the hope that someday we would have enough to buy something aweseome for our family. For several months we have been planning on buying a TV with all these $10 and $25 gift cards. One of those cool flat screens. We have priced them out and walked through Sam’s comparing them. We have talked and talked and talked about it. All of the children have been so stinkin’ excited to watch a movie on something bigger and louder than my computer.

We haven’t had a TV for a long time. I don’t remember when the last one died, but it was ages ago. Long before flat screens were invented. So this is a big deal to all of us. A really big deal. As silly as it seems, I really wanted to join the world of mainstream America and have a TV to watch movies on. I wanted to be normal. I know our family is different and makes lots of off-the-beaten path choices, but I have been longing to be normal in this one regard. I wanted my extended family to be able to come and watch movies and perhaps not think we are the green-horned aliens we sometimes seem to be.

We have finally received $500 in Walmart gift cards and had all the logistics planned out. Today is the day to go get it.

But we aren’t.

Last night Richard and I decided we needed to be responsible and use these generous gifts to stock our pantry. So, this morning we had a family council and presented the idea to the children. Most of the gift cards are theirs, so this is really their decision…and we wanted them to really buy into it, not feel guilted into it. We discussed inflation, government spending, the ridiculous “fiscal cliff” bill that does nothing to actually solve the spending OR taxing problems we face.

The children voted to buy food. Well, everyone except Annesley. She is sticking to the TV plan.

I am pretty sure we are making the right choice, but I want to yell…”Let me be normal! Let me join the cool kids! Let me watch a movie without squinting!”

Instead we are going pantry shopping. And for that I am grateful. Oh, so grateful. We will stock up on peanut butter and cheese. Pineapple and tuna. Nature’s Seasoning Salt that makes everything taste better.

Time to put my big girl pants on.

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  1. I think you should buy the tv. ;)

    • tracy

      Oh Mindy!!! I need encouragement to be responsible, not encouragement to have fun!

      • I know… I’m such a bad influence, huh? ;) I’ll try to learn more responsibility from you!

  2. Tasha L.

    Having that food will be a good feeling. Or, you could buy a computer with a really large monitor that you could mount on a wall above a computer desk, and it could be used for school, family history, and watching movies! I guess that might be more than $500 dollars, but you could keep saving. I think it is great that your children want to be responsible and do the right thing. That says a lot.

  3. Anne

    I’m all for the safety of food to eat and feed children.

  4. When you’ve made a prayerful choice, press forward! I love that you write about not just the joys, but the hard blessings, too.

    (And you’re not the only family that doesn’t own a TV. We got some decent external speakers, and hooked them to the computer, so we get better sound, and just all cuddle close to watch things. :) We currently have a Cyber Acoustics 3-pc set (two small speakers and a “subwoofer” that was under $20, and has really good sound. I travel with a two-piece set that has really good sound, and was about $12. So there may be a way to both Don Those Big-Girl Underpants With Joy, AND have good sound and snuggly movie time with your family.)

  5. Well done! I wanted a TV, too, for movies with the Christmas bonus money. But nope! We had to be grown-ups, too, doggone it!

    I guess we can each take comfort in knowing that both our families will continue to watch movies on our computer screens, eh? :-D

    Love you, lady!
    ~Rachel of the Keppner clan

  6. Get the pantry stocked and then call me or e-mail me. My in-laws gifted us a TV for Christmas that they were given free when they bought their new one. We are using it to replace an old one we were given a while back. You are welcome to the old one. It still works great. It’s not a flat screen, and it’s a bit heavy, but it’s free :)

    • tracy

      Ooooh, Charlene, do tell! Are you selling your old one?

      • Just giving it away, it’s totally yours if you want it. I’d love to see it go to someone who will enjoy it.

  7. Tam

    Was talking to Boo about this post this morning and she said her parents replaced a tv as well and need to get rid (free) of the old one. Not sure on any specs, and we wouldn’t be able to get it up to you until swim camp – but it’s another option… Love you!

  8. We don’t have a tv either, Tracy. We are in the green horned alien club right along with you.

    • tracy

      Thanks Jess! I love being a green-horned alien with you.

      Charlene gave us her old TV and VCR AND DVD and the kids watched a on old VHS church movie tonight and thought they were in heaven!

      I still want to be in cool club and have fancy schmancy technology so I can feel like I am not a green alien, but I love that I have a case of pineapple, 15 lbs. of cheese, a year’s supply of raisins, some frozen veggies, and a few other odds and ends. Still hoping to get some tuna, green chilies, and peanut butter.

      • Angela S

        Love it! We just got one after being tv free for 6 years. Right now its a free one from someone who was gifted a flat screen for christmas. In a few months we’re buying our in laws flat screen before they move overseas. If it were more than the $200 they asked it wouldn’t be happening. Food storage is totally our priroity right now over here. So glad the kids hearts were softened and that you had a sweet friend who could share. I pray the blackouts will end and you’ll find health again. I dealt with chronic pain for many years, not as bad as yours, but there is peace in the savior, in finding and appreciating your new normal and knowing you’re doing every last thing you can to take care of yourself. good luck!