twisty tongues

Jan 28, 2013

Lying here wanting to laugh my head off. I have to record this for posterity…well, at least for my mama…she’ll love this story.

I could hear Annes wailing like her left arm had been cut off. Finally she came in and crawled into bed with me for some snuggles and told me the sad tale.

Annes: Fisher won’t let me choose a song (for Family Home Evening) and he has had YOU pick all the songs.

Me: Hmmm, I’m not sure what you mean. He hasn’t had me pick any songs.

Annes: But he won’t let me pick a song!

Me: Hmmm, maybe you can calm down and go ask him again?

Annes: He WON’T! He says I am a mean girl and he won’t let me choose a song because I am so mean.

Me: Hmmm, why would he say that?

Annes: Well, I was trying to say “You are a nice brother,” but my tongue got all messed up and wouldn’t let me say that. My tongue was all twisted and said “You idiot!” Now he is mad at me, but I kept telling him I tried to say “You are a nice brother.” He doesn’t believe me.

Me: Hmmm, have you apologized to him?

Annes: YES! I told him I was sorry and he still won’t let me choose a song.

Me: Well, it is his night to teach and he may not ask you to pick a song. Sometimes when we say things that aren’t kind that is what happens.

Annes: I hate it when my tongue gets all twisted up!

Me too, baby girl, me too. Those tongues can be so unpredictable!

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  1. Anne

    Oh my gosh! I nearly choked on my oatmeal! So dang funny!!!!!

  2. Oh man, I sure needed that today. Hilarious! I would love your Annesley!

    • tracy

      Pretty much everyone adores her. She is a bright ray of sunshine in many people’s lives. She spends almost all of her time at church going from person to person and giving them hugs, sitting on their laps, and whispering in their ears. The whole back row of elderly people have adopted her and love her to pieces.

      She cracks me up.

  3. Jen B

    Ha!! What a great story :) Sometimes my tongue gets all twisted up too.