and the race is on

Mar 4, 2013

Boy howdy, this is going to be a busy week chock-full of meetings, commitments, extra ballet, lots of preparation for a Passover Seder on Saturday. And I am full of big plans to go along with it. Remember those 4 goals of the week we started back in January? Well, that plan was quickly derailed when I started having seizures and passing out. Now that my life is starting to be more functional again, I am going to get back on my goal bandwagon again.

Physical: Ten 3-second push-ups every day.
Spiritual: Word Study on Promise throughout the scriptures.
Academic: Read 5 Chapters of The Jew and the Lotus
Random: Make my bed every day.

So far today I have made my bed. And I am starting Morning Devotional on time…not a stated goal this week, but a never-ending goal it seems! The rest of the week is going to have to run without a lot of snaggles if we are going to pull it all off. Last night we moved the furniture out of the family room so we can build the Passover Table. I need to have a power packed Learning Time with my children, then prepare for iFamily classes and clean my carpets this afternoon. Tomorrow I have an iFamily board meeting, Wednesday is iFamily, Thursday is Swim Camp registration, Passover set-up, and Pack Meeting, Friday is gym and any left-over Passover set-up, Saturday is a Mentoring Class in the morning and our Seder that evening. We have ballet this week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so my girls will be gone a lot. Somehow before our board meeting tomorrow I need to create a scholarship application for iFamily. On top of all of this, my sweetie’s birthday is tomorrow and I need to figure out some special way to celebrate his existence on the planet. Whew.

See what I mean? I am so glad every week isn’t like this.

I knew it was going to be a busy week before the Seder got added in a few days ago. I am teaching a Jewish Festivals class for adults at iFamily and I promised my students I would host a Seder for them so they will know how to hold one in their own families. I was picturing it happening very close to the same time as our family’s Seder on Passover, which is March 25 this year, but they all voted to have it early so they have time to prepare for their own. It is all worth it. It is going to be wonderful and I am excited to share this special feast with my students, but right now, I don’t see how I can get from here to there in the next five days.

With God all things are possible, right?

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