new plan for goals

Jan 7, 2013

If you know me at all, you know I *hate* structure. I have a really difficult time implementing structure into my life because the yellow part of me rebels…but I have been pondering paths to growth and have decided to implement a new plan for goals.

Richard meets with the children one-on-one most Sundays and has what we call a Mentor Meeting. They talk about their studies, their lives, their relationships, their fears and dreams. They set goals for the week and make commitments. It is one of the best things we do in our family, especially now that Richard is gone so much. He tries to connect with their hearts and encourage them in their learning. Yesterday we decided we needed to have a stronger focus on small weekly goals. At the end of Family Council last night, we told everyone our plan and they ran downstairs and picked out a new composition book to decorate and make into a Goal Book. Then they had their individual mentor meetings and set four goals for the week. They will report on their success next Sunday. Richard and I also set our goals for the week…whew, now I am accountable!

We decided to have four goals in four different areas: physical, spiritual, academic, and random. I *think* I will post my goals here each week so I feel a bit more accountable…putting it out there in public will have more people asking me about it and will move these things to the forefront of my mind, right?

Mine for January 6th:

Physical: Ten 3-second push-ups each day
Spiritual: Kneel down for personal prayer every morning and night
Academic: One hour of personal study each day
Random: Make my bed each day

Today I have made my bed. Need to start on the push-ups and still need to have my morning prayer. I have no clue how to squeeze in an hour of study today, but I really need to start studying for my upcoming class on Jewish Festivals. Hopefully learning time with my kiddos will go smashingly well today and I will be able to study from 4:00 – 5:00.

I would love for this to actually work and for us to actually stick with it. Wish us luck!

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  1. I love the idea of specific weekly goals! Sometimes doing something for “just a week” seems so much more manageable! I might implement these small weekly goals into my big goal of lightening up. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

    • tracy

      You should totally do it! I am loving it so far! I am also making the kids a wipe-off schedule for the fridge for all their school stuff and it will have a place on it to write their four weekly goals so they will be staring us in the face each time we are in the kitchen.