procaine be gone

Apr 23, 2013

So, it seems the shaking and passing out are back. At least they have been visiting the past few days. I am ready for them to hit the road and never return, but we will see what happens and try to wrap our emotions and plans around my body’s needs.

Saturday night Richard and I went out on a much needed date. We hardly saw each other last week because on top of his normal schedule he also had five extra energy healing sessions. When his sixth session for Saturday night cancelled, we took advantage of it and decided to spend some time together. Near the end of our date I started shaking, then passed out. The cycle repeated six more times while Richard worked on all my body systems to get them back into working order.

I haven’t passed out again, but it has been close a few times. My body is dumping a ton of the Procaine, which is good, but it short-circuits my system if there is not enough water in me to move it out.

So, the focus is on water, magnesium, and rest.

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  1. Mom

    Oh, my goodness. This has turned out to be such an ordeal for you. I really hoped those shots would be the answer to your healing. I don’t suppose they can administer the shots without the numbing agent. Darn it. Glad you are feeling a little better. Two steps forward, one step back.